US dollar

OMF senior foreign exchange dealer Stuart Ive

Kiwi dollar continues New Year’s tumble amid China concerns

Mon 11 Jan

The kiwi dollar reaching 68c against the greenback at the end of last year was the “unwarranted part of the currency move.” 

While you were sleeping: US dollar hits commodities, Wall St down

Tue 24 Nov

UPDATED The strong greenback is hitting commodities; Wall Street edges lower on major drug company merger.

Kiwi tests 66USc cents as traders pull back bets on US dollar

Fri 20 Nov

The kiwi touched 65.92USc.

NZ dollar falls after dairy prices drop

Wed 4 Nov

Kiwi dropped to 66.91USc at 8am in Wellington.

Macroeconomic roundup: Emerging economies weighing on global growth

Fri 9 Oct

Jason Walls breaks down the week's biggest news in macroeconomics on NBR Radio, and on demand on MyNBR Radio.


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