US election

Chris Liddelll (left) with Don McKinnon during an Auckland visit

NZ's Chris Liddell reveals extent of Romney role - and refuses to join doom merchants

Sun 11 Nov 5

High flying ex-pat not among doomsayers after Obama win.

5 smartest, 5 stupidest US election moments

Thu 8 Nov 4

Big data, bigger Meatloaf.

Nomination in Romney’s sights after Iowa caucuses

Fri 6 Jan

If it seems like the US presidential campaign has already lasted a near-eternity, keep in mind: this campaign cycle is actually a bit shorter than the one four years ago.

NZ exporters face uncertainty under Obama

Thu 6 Nov 2

Time will tell as to whether Barack Obama’s ascension to the US presidency is a blessing or a curse for NZ business.

Mr Obama made his staunch protectionist credentials a central theme of his election campaign, in stark contrast to Republican candidate John McCain, an ardent free trader.

Mr Obama talked tough on trade at every opportunity, chiefly to woo voters in swing states.

He appears to have successfully stoked the fears of working-class voters that a continuing expansion of free trade by the Republicans would exacerbate job losses and increase poverty.

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