US election

Hillary Clinton with running mate Tim Kaine

Clinton names free-trader Tim Kaine as her running mate

Sat 23 Jul 2

Having safely secured Bernie Sanders' endorsement on the left, the Democrat chooses a centralist as her running mate.

Chris Liddelll (left) with Don McKinnon during an Auckland visit

NZ's Chris Liddell reveals extent of Romney role - and refuses to join doom merchants

Sun 11 Nov 5

High flying ex-pat not among doomsayers after Obama win.

5 smartest, 5 stupidest US election moments

Thu 8 Nov 4

Big data, bigger Meatloaf.

Nomination in Romney’s sights after Iowa caucuses

Fri 6 Jan

If it seems like the US presidential campaign has already lasted a near-eternity, keep in mind: this campaign cycle is actually a bit shorter than the one four years ago.


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