MyRepublic managing director Vaughan Baker

UPDATED: Four telcos get MyRepublic's "deceptive" ads removed

Fri 31 Jul 2

MyRepublic slapped on wrist for unfairly comparing fibre with other internet services.

Vodafone NZ chief executive Russell Stanners

Latest accounts reveal slight knock-back for Vodafone NZ

Mon 27 Jul

The latest telco standings.

Vodafone Smart Prime 6

Toy box: Vodafone Smart Prime 6

Fri 24 Jul

Budget smartphones may not be the sexiest category of mobile around but the self-branded Smart Prime 6 from Vodafone is a surprisingly full featured phone.

Vodafone technology director Tony Baird

School holiday Netflix crush accelerates Vodafone's upgrade plans

Mon 20 Jul 5

Why Vodafone cable struggled with streaming video surge, and the help on the way.

Marketing plays of the week: Chocolate wars

Fri 3 Jul

Cadbury falls short on Tip Top and Whittaker's.

Vodafone wholesale director Steve Rieger

Chorus, Vodafone put up hands for $360 million broadband top-up

Thu 2 Jul

Vodafone reveals the general flavour of its pitch.


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