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David Hensley, J P Morgan

Margin call: Asia leads manufacturing rise

Fri 5 Aug

The light might soon be lifting from the gloom over the Asian industrial economies.


Margin Call: Wall Street bets on Clinton

Fri 13 May

In an odd twist, disgraced former publishing tycoon Conrad Black has backed Republican contender Donald Trump


Margin call: Traders bet again on commodities

Fri 11 Mar

The year’s longest stock rally on Wall Street indicates share investors have overcome their worst fears of a global slowdown.

Market mayhem: UPDATED Shares, oil slump; bonds, gold rise

Thu 21 Jan 15

Turmoil continues as investors dump stocks in favour of low-risk assets.

While you were sleeping: UPDATED Dow bounces to first gain for year

Tue 12 Jan

US stocks swung between losses and gains as oil plunged to new lows.

US Fed rates rise: Stocks rally on Wall St

Thu 17 Dec

The first interest rate rise in nine years is seen as positive for the world's largest economy.


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