MP Nicola Wagner

MP Nicky Wagner in website sale stoush

Mon 19 Nov

Politician pursues her debt chase of Auckland businessman Robert Gill to court, saying he bought her website business without paying.

NZ census targets online in 2013

Tue 11 Sep 1

Recruitment for the $72 million information-gathering exercise is under way.

Yahoo! New Zealand and PriceMe launch price comparison site

Fri 2 Dec

Yahoo! New Zealand and price comparison site PriceMe have launched Yahoo! Deals, a new price comparison site.

The home page of the new website

World first talent website launches

Fri 29 Jul

The National Business Review is launching a new website offering top professional talent to major employers at a 10 percent commission rate. 

Telecom's horror day ends with website outage

Thu 15 Apr 9

For Telecom, today at least, bad things happen in threes*.

At midday there was a profit warning.

This afternoon the announcement that 200 managements jobs would go.

This evening, Telecom's main website,, is down.

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