FMA to seize Sheppard ‘evidence’, Sir Roger flays welfare state, fishing giants mull levy cuts and Mt Gox accounts twist

Fri 4 Apr 14

Supposedly new information about failed property lender Hanover Finance interests FMA

Rodney Hide

Welfare wins in $5 an hour wage trap

WEEKEND REVIEW Sat 30 Nov 13 12

Why welfare needs health warning

WEEKEND REVIEW Sat 21 Sep 13 32

Welfare benefits should carry a warning label: “Danger: Taking a benefit may endanger your children.”

Rodney Hide

Welfare creates more deadbeat parents

WEEKEND REVIEW Thu 6 Jun 13 24

HIDESIGHT This is the politest term I know for people who can’t be bothered giving their kids breakfast.

Lindsay Mitchell

The benefits of putting a time limit on the DPB

Fri 25 Jan 13

Such a policy would remove any incentive to keep having children.


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