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Prime Minister John Key at the National party conference in Auckland (@ kaiser-mattiew)

'The dampest of damp squibs' – Twyford's Chinese gambit, National's regional migration ploy

Mon 27 Jul 5

“The regions are the new black.”


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Winston Peters

Winston's rugby junket funded by corporate lobbyists

Thu 23 Jul 11

Winston Peters has hit back at allegations he’s being wooed by corporate lobbyists.

Winston Peters on The Nation

NZ First chose not to leak housing data, Peters says

Sun 19 Jul 12

Labour has out dog-whistled NZ First; Peters backs Twyford's call for a register of foreign buyers.

Pauline Hanson

Key refuses to rise to Labour’s race-laced bait


The power of wedge politics is not what you say but how your opponents respond.


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Phil Twyford

Labour’s anti-Chinese ploy will probably work – but then what?

Mon 13 Jul 21

Labour's message: If you have a Chinese-sounding name, you’re probably foreign. What's more, Labour researcher Rob Salmond has an algorithm to work out just how foreign you might be. 


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Ron Mark (TV3)

Egos and amateur strategy: Ron Mark, Shane Jones and Winston Peters

Mon 6 Jul 7

NZ First MPs are not beasts of burden at the beck and call of Winston Peters.


Rob Hosking gives his in-depth analysis on the big stories to watch out for this week on NBR Radio and on demand on MyNBR Radio.


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