Winston Peters

Winston Peters

Peters against public having a say

Tue 18 Nov 14 4

OPINION: Farrar writes that Peters deny the public a say in the flag referendum.

'Is this a bubble?' - Winston Peters glowers at officials

House prices: 'bubble' or not, the risks are still high

Fri 14 Nov 14 5

With household debt worth New Zealand's annual GDP, there is no room to relax.

Singapore fund buys half GMT's waterfront properties

Tue 4 Nov 14 1


The move has been slammed by NZ First leader Winston Peters who says New Zealand’s own superannuation fund should be taking up such investments.

Prime Minister John Key (TV3)

‘Bland’, ‘predictable’, ‘vacuous’ – govt’s third term programme critiqued

Wed 22 Oct 14 4

“It’s not going to be a radical government – if anything it could be one that bores us to tears.”

Winston Peters: Claims the government and Fonterra colluded to keep poor forecast until after the election. But there's just one problem ...
Winston Peters, Peter Dunne and Jamie Whyte (TV3)

Election 2014: outliers will determine govt

Fri 19 Sep 14

Election 2014 is really a choice between more-ish of the same, kind of; or a clutch of left wing parties resembling more a student representative council with delusions of grandeur than an alternative government


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