Presiding over Yahoo's decline and fall: CEO Marissa Mayer

Spark says customer data stolen in giant Yahoo hack

Fri 23 Sep 7

Final sting in the tail for Spark as Xtra Mail partner Yahoo admits huge data breach.

NBR Rich Lister Sam Morgan

Spark finally ditches Yahoo, moves Xtra mail to New Zealand company SMX

Tue 13 Sep 9

One final piece of pain awaits. UPDATE: Transition service falls over.

Yahoo chief executive Marissa Mayer

Yahoo sold for knockdown price

Mon 25 Jul 10

More drama for Spark's web mail partner.

Departing Yahoo NZ general manager sales Louis Niven

Yahoo NZ boss leaves

Fri 11 Dec

Local outpost restructures as global parent rejects CEO's plans to spin off Alibaba.

Yahoo worldwide boss Marissa Mayer

Editor’s Insight: Vultures descend on the internet’s one-time darling

Fri 4 Dec

Yahoo may never have considered itself a serious business - with special audio feature.

Yahoo worldwide boss Marissa Mayer

Yahoo NZ laying off all editorial staff

Wed 25 Mar 1

Half will be re-hired for restructured jobs. 


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