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Davos 2014: Call to exploit disruptive technologies

Some Telecom YahooXtra mail users locked out after more accounts compromised

Yahoo culls NZ customers

FLASHBACK: David Karp's 2009 NBR interview

David Karp in 2013 (Tumbr)

The founder of Tumblr, still just 26, has just sold his blogging site to Yahoo for $1.1 billion. NBR spoke to him in Auckland as he arrived in the city as a 22-year-old, buzzed on pseudoephedrine, and with $US5.5 million VC cash in his pocket - an amount that, then, seemed a staggering sum.

Telecom sticks with YahooXtra - two of its harshest critics react

NetSafe CEO Martin Cocker: worried information was stolen in Feb attack

Company promises change after completing review.

Yahoo finds another 1500 compromised Telecom Xtra accounts

That mysterious error message. Click to zoom.

Company attempted to draw a line under the security breach, but now faces another round of password cancellations.