TALLEY family

Fishing, Agribusiness
$300 million

The most public waves the Talley family made this year have been over its opposition to the Coles/Woolworths near-blockade of New Zealand produce in the duopoly’s transtasman supermarkets.

The Aussie snubbing kicked off a “Boycott Countdown” facebook page that has generated over 10,000 “likes” to date, aligning the Talley family with a significantly more popular front than its 12-week dispute in 2012 with about 1000 Affco-meatworkers.

In February it was reported that the Talley Group estimated the Australian megaliths had blocked 900 tonnes of its spinach, as well the company’s meat, fish, shredded cheese and other vegetable products. Exactly what dent that continues to put in the family’s financial armour, only time can tell.

Forever in the front row of investment opportunities in the primary sector, the Motueka-based family remain permanently backstage when it comes to publicity or media engagement of any kind – especially with NBR’s Rich List.

Founded in 1936 by Yugoslav immigrant Ivan Talijancich, Talleys Group is operated by two of Ivan’s sons, Peter and Michael Talley, who took over the business in 1964.

Over the past 20 years, Peter’s son, Andrew, has contributed a third generation to the can-do dynasty.

Originally solely a seafood business, Talley’s tentacles now also reach into vegetable (beginning in the 1970s) and dairy (beginning 1995) divisions.  More recently, meat, aquaculture and hospitality have been added to their portfolio – as well as the production of award-winning ice-cream.

On the seafood front, the group owns a deep sea fleet of 11 vessels – from longline factory vessells to fresh fish trawlers.

It also owns eight Affco meat plants, numerous vegetable farms within reach of its Blenheim and Ashburton vegetable processing factories, Nelson’s Rutherford Hotel and a 70% stake in Auckland-based milk processor Open Country.