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Donghua Liu convicted on buildings charges

Donghua Liu (TVNZ)

As first reported by the National Business Review, the charges related to a Remuera home which has a ratings value of $3.45 million and an Epsom house valued at $2.6 million

Greenpeace adopts slick tactics to disrupt petroleum summit

Above and below: Greenpeace protesters slathered themselves in fake oil

High dollar prompts Donaghys layoffs

Donaghys managing director Jeremy Silva

Commodity prices fall for 7th month in Sept

ANZ Commodity Price Index (ANZ)

Utility companies are the worst payers in the country, D&B says

The country's utilities sector continued to take the longest time to clear its accounts, with payments slowing over the past year from an average of 43.6 days to just under seven weeks (D & B)

Deloitte merges with Takapuna management firm

Diablo managing director Mark Talbot

As part of the deal Diablo managing director Mark Talbot will become a partner at Deloitte

Local steel fabricators challenge importers

Steel Construction NZ manager Alistair Fussell

Vidals wine rebrands with founder’s heritage

Vidals winemaker Hugh Crichton

NZ POLITICS DAILY: The Fractionated and beltway Labour Party

Bryce Edwards