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PledgeMe and Snowball Effect get first equity crowd funding licences

PledgeMe CEO Anna Guenther is seeking listings up to the maximum-allowed $2m. Rival Snowball is kicking off with an attempt to sell $700K worth of shares for a craft beer maker

Person behind rogue Colin Craig website reveals themselves

Max Coyle's LinkedIn photo

One-time Green Party candidate behind parody site. UPDATED with comment from perpetrator Max Coyle | Colin Craig sees possible Electoral Act breach.

$67m Waikato campus a runner

Professor Frank Scrimgeour from the University of Waikato Management School

EQC score shows about $5b in payouts to go

(Photo Credit: Chris Hutching)

Rents rise and prime vacancies fall to new lows

CBRE researcher Zoltan Moricz

Govt takes over Novopay

Steven Joyce with Secretary of Education Peter Hughes (Rob Hosking)

Talent2, the Australian company that developed the controversial the school payroll system, will pay the government $7 million cash as part of the separation deal.

Who killed the Crewes? Police apologise

Harvey and Janette Crewe (TVNZ)

QC David Jones finds there would have been enough evidence to prosecute original investigator Bruce Hutton.