LAWA rates Mission Bay, based on a Dec 9 water sample

Website rates water quality at more than 350 beaches

Aussies worry about sharks. For us, it's bacteria.

Cameron Slater: ‘Yes he's a dirt-bag, muck-raking, scum-bag attack blogger, but he likes it that way. He doesn't play by any rule book yet he's been judged a journalist by the courts."

NZ POLITICS DAILY: A Year of (neverending) Dirty Politics

Sun 21 Dec 14 7

The Dirty Politics end-of-year awards | Is Dirty Politics in decline or is there more to come?

Prime Minister John Key (Nick Grant)

For John Key: summer of reflection please

Sat 20 Dec 14 5

Arrogance is the greatest enemy of long-term governments.

Andrew Little (TV3)

Surprise! Inequality is irrelevant to growth

Sat 20 Dec 14 4

An OECD eport lit up Labour leader Andrew Little and Green Party co-leader Russel Norman.

Nevis Valley Drive: The fifth generation Subaru Outback demonstrated why it’s tougher than the average crossover

The real SUV in a crowded field of crossovers

Sat 20 Dec 14 1

Doing everything better.