NZ POLITICS DAILY: November 27 2014

Thu 27 Nov 14

NZ POLITICS DAILY: November 27 2014 from Dr Bryce Edwards

"I know nothing"

On the uncanny resemblance between John Key and Sergeant Schultz

Thu 27 Nov 14 9

In the 30-odd years that Judy and I have been providing media advice to prime ministers, prostitutes and pretty well every profession in-between, our teaching mantra has remained the same:

CallPlus CEO Mark Callander: upfront investment needed for retail ISPs to offer Chorus' one gig service - and he's not keen to do that across all his company's brands

Dunedin wins Gigatown, but largest ISPs not onboard

Thu 27 Nov 14 1

Will paying around $100 a month for superfast UFB fibre — more than most Dunedinites pay today — feel like much of a win? | Spark, Vodafone conspicuous by their absence.

The Wolf of Wall Street

Editor's Insight: What would TV be like without R18 box sets?

Wed 26 Nov 14 6

It’s one thing for a retailer to boost its family-friendly image by not selling goods restricted to buyers 18 and over.

Judith Collins

The Collins report

Tue 25 Nov 14

There is no probative evidence that Ms Collins undermined or attempted to undermine Mr Feeley. The implication that she was so involved is untenable.