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Apple boycotts Vodafone NZ's new Green ratings

Vodafone introduced a new Eco Rating system for mobile phones yesterday.

The idea is to give Kiwis a fix on which cellphone models have the best green rating. A single score out of five is delivered after questions on 200 criteria are asked of handset manufactures.

Vodafone says results are verified by KPMG.

And it doesn't seem like a patsy system.

One of the handsets Vodafone has pushed hardest in co-op marketing, Samsung's Galaxy S3, gets a modest 2.6 on the five-point scale (1 is worst for the planet, 5 is best).

But Vodafone's iPhone page, ( displays no Eco Rating for the iconic handset.

What's up?

Vodafone would only offer "While Eco Rating is open to all the manufacturers that supply us with the handsets we sell, one manufacturer has chosen not to take part at this stage."

On a sidenote, Apple director, former vice-president and green activist Al Gore is in Auckland on October 12.

The cheapest tickets to his speech are $804. Must cost a lot to pay for all that air travel, and carbon credits.

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Comments and questions

Al Gore - Hypocrite of the century.

Al Gore - psuedo science magi

I believe Apple withdrew much of their gear from this rating some time ago because the ratings regs required the equipment to be broken down by the user - batteries separated etc. The rating system didn't match current design/build practice. Nothing sinister.... Just outdated standards.

May I suggest that Vodafone focuses their energy on their underdeveloped and poor performing network rather than trying to save us from a problem that doesn't exist in NZ.

under developed ? vodafone have a network which works really rural places they have a good system in place that gives people in rural areas access to internet

Sounds like Apple are dodging a bullet. .

Al Gore a man so unappealing that he made Bush seem less terrible.

Gore would have to be the most celebrated con artist the world has ever seen. He is making millions to fill his private coffers at the expense of an already struggling global economy... Parasite!

I don't think having employees of one of your Chinese manufacturers killing themselves your would rate to well on the Eco Rating.