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How to jazz up an accounting ad? Paid sex

Dotcom claims credit for Xero shares dropping 20%

The stock picker: cock-a-hoop over NZ's leading tech company losing value

Get off the grass, Kim. Here's the real reason behind this week's pull-back:

Labour hits new low as foreign land sales controversy fails to touch the sides

Source: Fairfax

A Fairfax-Ipsos poll shows National with a huge lead – but the final Fairfax poll of the 2011 election was off beam.

Hager book: Can a DoS attack give you access to someone's email?

Computer forensic scientist, fraud investigator and IT security consultant Daniel Ayers

Telecom: Superfast UFB plans on g-g-g-g-g-g-g-gigahold

Departing Ultrafast Fibre CEO Maxine Elliott

Telecom sees new 1Gbit/s top-speed plan UFB services as a natural complement to the unlimited data plan recently introduced under its "Giganaire" promotion. But the four wholesale UFB companies are not taking the same approach to inputs, it says, causing technical headaches.

Nigel Latta vs the Rich List

Not a whole Latta love

PM flatly denies NSA and GCSB cooperating on NZ mass surveillance cable itercept site

Russel Norman: GCSB and the NSA were in the process of establishing an interception site for all emails, internet communications and phone calls coming in and out of NZ

Greens pressure Key on possible NSA/GCSB fibre interception site.

Man behind rogue Colin Craig website reveals himself

Max Coyle (LinkedIn)

One-time Green Party candidate behind parody site. UPDATED with comment from perpetrator Max Coyle | Colin Craig sees possible Electoral Act breach.

New all-of-govt website launches

Simple is good gives you a single view of everything — and is the first fruit of a Common Web Platform initiative involving Wellington's Silverstripe and Telecom's Revera unit.

Kiwi rocket man has 30 launches lined up for $US5m 'Electron'

Rocket Labs founder Peter Beck with the 18m Electron, scheduled for its first launch in 2015

Labour fires a broadband blank

Drury: Parties proposing Labour, National proposing "boring", incremental ICT policies, Dotcom should go away

US sales in focus as Xero gears up for AGM; Drury says journalist 'tricked'

Xero CEO Rod Drury

Dotcom residency revelations put Harre in a tricky spot

A mis-spent youth is discussed in an SIS-Immigration NZ email thread released under the OIA

Laila Harre says she would not have been comfortable granting her party's founder residency | RAW DATA: Read the documents and email released under OIA | UPDATE: Coleman denies political pressure.

NBR Rich Lister Neil Graham takes $10 million bath as Wheedle closes

Neil Graham receiving the Insignia of an Officer of the New Zealand Order of Merit for services to business and philanthropy from Govenor General Sir Jerry Mateparae in Sept 2013

What went wrong? Even more than you're aware.

Telecom warns about bogus LinkedIn account

By George

UPDATE: Telecom warns about fake director account on LinkedIn.

Samsung takes aim at iPad Air, iPad Mini with new Tab S series

The Galaxy Tab S 10.5

Sceen viewable in direct sunllight | Some of the goodies not available for NZers | Updated with local pricing

Chorus responds to Curran jibe that Gigatown is cynical PR ploy, says gigabit fibre coming to every town soon

Clare Curran

Epsom: the fix is in

National removes any doubt it will gift the seat to ACT.

Incurious Laila

Laila Harre

"Spark starts here" — new Telecom branding goes up

Via @freitasm

Telco in Courtenay Place bus stop action.

Apple previews upgrade that gives Mac software an iPhone look

OS X Yosemite: Gives Apple's Mac software more of an iPhone, iPad look

At its Worldwide Developer Conference in San Francisco, Apple previews OS X 10.10 Yosemite, and iOS 8. The key themes are sharing a common software look between Mac, iPhone and iPad, and adding more crossover features and services. Cloud storage also gets a huge boost.

Cunliffe: no pre-election deals; insider: deals under the radar

Cunliffe's chief-of-staff Matt McCarten: his Alliance-era links to Harre will keep channels open. The savvy campaign strategist will be mulling how much resource to throw behind Davis.

Internet Party leader Laila Harre pushes too hard, too early and too publicly, painting David Cunliffe into a corner where he has little choice but to back his man in Te Tai Tokerau.

ISPs accused of blocking Netflix — the mystery solved

Absence of malice

An absence of malice.

ISPs accused of blocking Netflix


NZ users up in arms as they can't access US-based Netflix

Dotcom offered me $200,000 — Banks

Kim and Mona Dotcom

PLUS: Banks says Kim Dotcom's wife is "one of the most beautiful women on earth".

Why did Dotcom bolt for the panic room, leaving his pregnant wife and kids?

Kim Dotcom

As the couple splits, a flashback to Kim's explanation of his less than gallant behaviour on the day of the raid.

Will Brendan drop the hammer?

Brendan Horan (TV3)

Brendan Horan can ressurect his political career by pushing ahead with a complaint over Winston Peters failure to declare his interest in Bellazeel. What could be stopping him:

TVNZ boss bans political party membership for some journos [UPDATED with TV3 comment]

TVNZ CEO Kevin Kenrick


Forbes chief product officer Lewis D'Vorkin

Your heart will melt.

NorthPower completes its leg of the UFB as Whangarei becomes first fully-fibred city — the lessons for Chorus

NorthPower engineers sling fibre up power poles (Paul Brislen)

I'm down with the Giganaire

Throw blocks of cheese at me if you must, but there are some very good reasons to celebrate Telecom's Giganaire

Throw blocks of cheese at me if you must, but there are some very good reasons to celebrate Telecom's Giganaire:

Hi, hi, hi, hi, hi, hi, I'm David Seymour

Mr Seymour

NBR People Scene: Newmarket Business Association Awards

Gabriela Guimaraes, Todd Male and Ferreira Angelica at the Newmarket Business Association Awards

Latest photo galleries from Norrie Montgomery.

Manchester United shares surge as Moyes sacked

David Moyes

Two business lessons from the Scot's failure.

LG's futuristic TVs

In attendance at LG's red-themed event: Mega's Finn Batato

Including a set with a build-in recorder, and a 77-inch, curved 4K OLED TV.