Trump: a disaster

What Donald Trump thinks of the TPP

Mon 27 Jul 17

As His Hairness captapults to the front of the Republican pack, a look at his views on the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement.

Amy Adams: If the 111 app tender works, the minister may be inclined to use it for bigger contracts

Govt trials radical new tender process in bid to avoid software blunders


A small smartphone app tender could have a big impact on future government IT projects.


Institute of IT Professionals chief executive Paul Matthews talks about the new 111 app on NBR Radio, and on demand on MyNBR Radio.

The National Broadband Map

Adams sees crucial real estate role for UFB. Yeah, nah

Fri 24 Jul 16

Updated National Broadband Map lets you see the fast internet options for any address.

Drone alone

Could courier companies really use drones?

Fri 24 Jul 8

Snazzy technology meets red tape and practical complications | Drone rage | Privacy Commissioner's warning. With VIDEO.