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LG's futuristic TVs

In attendance at LG's red-themed event: Mega's Finn Batato

Including a set with a build-in recorder, and a 77-inch, curved 4K OLED TV.

The Blunt approach

THE SHARPER IMAGE: Left-to-right - Blunt global brand manager Josh Page, managing director Scott Kington, design director Greig Brebner

WILD WEATHER RE-POST! A New Zealand-designed super umbrella takes on the world.

Dotcom a neoliberal millionaire who sounds like John Key - Mana's Sue Bradford

Harawira arrives at the AGM on a Harley (via @LiveNewsDesk). Can he be a compatible petrolhead with the Merc-loving Dotcom?

Chalk up a fail for the Dotcom charm offensive. UPDATED: Intenet Party says it wants free education for all, "financial kickbacks" for those who buy online.

Game of Thrones, Season 4 - a licence to pirate?

I have to wait how long?

Manchester United fans target coach with plane banner protest

David Moyes

But it's not just the fans who who should be angry at David Moyes. This is a business story, too. UPDATED

As Joyce releases boosterish reports about America's Cup payoff, Taxpayers' Union complains about funding "rich man's sport"

There's some New Zealand signage in there somewhere

Joyce releases America's Cup "leverage" report.

Internet Party promises 50% cheaper broadband

A lark at the time; not so much when you're founding a political party: Dotcom wearing a Nazi helmet at the Gumball Rally in Europe in 2004

Party signs required 500 members in seven hours. PLUS: The Internet Party's $2 million launch budget - where the money's coming from | Dotcom's copy of Mein Kampf - an elegant solution.

Vend raises $US20 million in deal that sees Peter Thiel's Valar, Square Peg holding 20% of shares

Vend founder & CEO Vaughan Rowsell with Economic Development Minister Steven Joyce in October 2013 (Chris Keall)

Who's onboard; the IPO chestnut; boss's comments on revenue.

Flight MH370: Satellite imaging site lets you join the hunt

Former RNZAF pilot Vaughn Davis: "Staring out the window at the sea for hours is hard. It's very easy to miss even quite large and brightly coloured objects"

An online search party of 2.3 million.

ISPs introduce 'offer summaries' for easier comparison shopping

TCF chairman David Stone

But implentation of the industry-wide initiative is a little patchy.

Business lessons from Formula One

Dr Kerry Spackman: has Einstein biopic in development that he says will be like Shawshank Redemption meets Dr Zhivago

Ahead of a talk in Auckland, neuroscientist Dr Kerry Spackman talks about translating what he learned in Formula One and All Black Rugby into everyday advice - including an online audit. Plus, his Einstein movie in the works.

Formula One reboots

The new hybrid design in testing. Batteries, fueled by two energy recovery systems, can power the car for up to 33 seconds a lap

A behind-the-scenes visit to Red Bull Racing the team prepares for the first race of the F1 season, the Melbourne Grand Prix - and radical new rules that include hybrid engines. (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

UPDATED: NZers left stranded on Windows XP next month could have Consumer Guarantees Act case - IITP CEO

Lowndes Jordan partner Rick Shera: business users would be pushing it up hill to mount a Consumer Guarantees Act claim

Sky TV plans new features for Sky Go app, Sky Go upgrade for My Sky decoders

Plus: MySky decoders to get Sky Go upgrade.

Telecom changing name to Spark, entering TV market

UPDATED: Company gains 200,000 mobile subs | Says will launch internet TV service, accessible to customers of all ISPs | First-half profit flat at $167 million.

Labour Party meetings another good reason TVNZ should be sold - Banks

Russell Brown: NZ on Air funding the Pakeha pundit's move to Maori TV points to a possible way forward

PLUS: Why not morph Maori TV into an SBS-style public broadcaster?

Sochi a social media disaster area

Putin with a Sochi local

The Winter Olympics aren't turning into a great showcase for Vladimir Putin's Russia - at least, not as viewed via Twitter, where Western journalists are trying to out-do each other with grungy hotel and tumbledown infrastructure pics.

Wellington app startup's blind ambition

Jonathan Mosen using Apple's VoiceOver software with an iPhone

"If your iOS or Android app isn’t accessible, you’ve walked away from a gold mine," new Wellington company says.

Telecom planning GigaWiFi competition, but woolly on details

Phonebox-mounted wi-fi in central Auckland

Labour MP's Facebook facepalm

David Clark (TV3)

Has Simon Moutter had the right stuff to lead Telecom, or has he stuffed it?

Telecom CEO Simon Moutter (Chris Keall)

The king-hit 4G bid provides an opportune moment to review the new CEO's performance.

2degrees launches HD voice

"C for Charlie ... "

Vodafone launches VDSL, holds off on surcharge

Vodafone CEO Russell Stanners

Mega CFO promoted to CEO with Kumar's departure

CEO talks up profitability timeframe, new features.

DOJ releases new FBI evidence - and a lot of it's embarrassing for Dotcom

Kim Dotcom

Some intriguing new detail on Megaupload's huge profits; its cash rewards programme, and an apparent attempt to build "plausible deniability"  | A Skype exchange where Dotcom's crew discuss the odds he'll leg it with the money.

Dotcom lands a headline gig, dials-down political expectations

A night at the Dotcom Mansion (PHOTOS).

Free internet until March for signups to Telecom's new no-frills, no-datacap ISP

An image from the Big Pipe home page

Company tests the waters for Big Pipe, a new with internet service - without any Telecom branding - that boasts no contracts, naked broadband, and no data limits on any plans.

2degrees expands from shared data to shared calls and txts

2degrees chief marketing officer Malcolm Phillipps

Carrier touts study that finds Americans use cellphones five times as much as Kiwis.

Localist: Christina strikes back

Christina Domecq

“People say ‘Isn’t Localist .. Didn’t that die?’"

ACT, United oppose Chorus 'copper tax', sealing anti-govt majority

Chorus CEO Mark Ratcliffe: company under seige

UPDATED: It's no longer an option for the govt to change the law to over-ride the Commerce Commission on Chorus pricing | Shares hit all-time low | Will ISPs pocket the wholesale price cut? | What next for Chorus? 

Behind the scenes at Xero's US beachhead

Xero US president Jamie Sutherland at the company's new San Francisco office

Photos | A switch in marketing strategy | Obligatory smack talk about rival.

Aspiring politician Kim Dotcom exports jobs

Dotcom: Kiwi skyline, Hong Kong, Portugal business horizons

A word do the wise, Kim.

Mako eats America

Shark attack: Simon Gamble in Mako's new San Francisco office (Chris Keall)

NZ company has deals that should generate tens of millions in the pipe line - and its US boss has a harsh verdict on Kiwis' business networking skills.

Kiwi-founded movie-streaming service in hookup with crowd-funding site

Indie Reign CEO David White at the Kiwi Landing Pad in San Francisco

CEO takes advantage of the San Francisco Kiwi Landing Pad's new Catapult programme.

Win for Vodafone, loss for 2degrees as Adams decides to auction remaining 4G spectrum

Vodafone exec Tom Chignell

Remaining 5MHz will go back on the block, with a $22 million reserve.

Chorus will halve dividend as part of deal with govt - analyst

Craigs' Arie Dekker

Landing, schmanding - Hawaiki continues to retard second cable debate

Hawaiki CEO Remi Galasso

Sweet screaming monkeys - what's going on with Chorus' Gigatown competition?

Could your town become the most annoying - sorry, the hashtag capital of NZ?

Social media madness, and allegations of cheating.

Mixed adventures with the GrabOne guys’ new taxi app

New legislation targets cyberbullying

John Key (TV3)

Harmful Digital Communications Bill will be introduced to the House today, PM says. The penalties, and how it will work, day to day:

NextWindow - another Kiwi tech gutted after offshore sale

Former NextWindow CEO Al Monro

Recipient of a no-strings, $6 million government grant sees its North American owner lay off most NZ staff.

Behind the scenes at The Block NZ final | Leaderboard | Record ratings

Happiness is Auckland property: winning couple the Pearsons take away $261K

Best night for network since 2007. UPDATED: Winning couple walk away with $261,000 | Paperwork delay as winning bidder transfers funds from China.

ARMAGEDDON: Is it time for a female Dr Who?

Catrin Stewart at Auckland's Pullman Hotel ...

NBR talks to Catrin Stewart ahead of Auckland's road-jamming sci-fi and gaming expo

Chorus puts cheaper, faster UFB fibre on the table

Chorus CEO Mark Ratcliffe

Chorus, which is responsible for the lion's share of the UFB roll-out, has proposed cheaper, faster wholesale plans.

Telecom soft-launching naked broadband

Telecom Retail CEO Chris Quin


Saturday night's Bledisloe Cup test will be live-streamed on YouTube

All Blacks on the internets (TV3)

The shape of things to come.

Kickstarter opens to Kiwis

Rick Shera: not for the faint-hearted

Move comes as Financial Markets Conduct Bill will allow new capital-raising powers for, and crowd-funded equity. Lawyer broadly enthusiastic, but also sounds warning.

Commerce Commission content investigation - Sky TV gets off scot-free

Sky TV CEO John Fellet

Commerce Commission closes marathon investigation into Sky's ISP contracts, and whether is deals stop new market entrants, such as Quickflix, from gaining a critical mass of content.

Orcon CEO thumbs nose at Sky TV, signs up for Netflix

Orcon boss McAlister with Kim Dotcom at Thursday's launch: Sky hogging content

"I got Netflix working at home last night, piece of cake."

Why isn't Orcon heeding Dotcom's call to eliminate data caps? CEO's telling response

Orcon CEO Greg McAlister with Dotcom (Chris Keall)

So why are thousands of Orcon customers suffering under uncool data caps?