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A 3D map of the internet

Every year, Information Architects takes the web’s 333 leading domains, and 111 most influential people, and turns them into a version of the Tokyo subway map.

It’s a fantastic piece of graphic design, and a savvy take on what property’s are hot, and which are not, based on traffic, revenue and ownership.

It's developed quite the cult following. Checkout the full map here.

All Twitter, all the time
A University of Southern California neuroscience study finds your brain just isn't built for Twitter. Not only is our ability to properly process information in jeopardy, but our very sense of morality.

Merrily oblivious to USC's warnings, one Kim Lau has has assembled a handy list of money-related Twitter tools, for everything from personal finance to chatting about for-ex.

Richard Ram, principle at local uber web design shop Shift, name checks five new Twitter clients worth investigating: TwitterMassTwazzup, Microplaza, Tipjoy and Twitalyzer - though none are quite chopping his parsley. What's working for you? Answers on the back of a postcard.

Burn, Google, burn
Despite cutbacks there's still room for some wild side project's at Google, like this crew at the search giant's Santa Monica office who install a Fresnell lens on their rooftop, then proceed to sear coins, nuke a can, and cook bacon and eggs with it. searing-as-a-service (SaaS) is still, of course, in beta.

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