A contender

Whoa — those crazy crowdsourced designs are all that's on the table for $28m flag consideration project

Tue 7 Jul 15

The panel has to widen its search.


Chris Keall talks about the latest flag designs on NBR Radio and on-demand on MyNBR Radio.

Vodafone wholesale director Steve Rieger

Chorus, Vodafone put up hands for $360 million broadband top-up

Thu 2 Jul

Vodafone reveals the general flavour of its pitch.

First NZ Capital institutional research director Arie Dekker

Three things to look for in the ComCom's Chorus pricing decision tomorrow

Wed 1 Jul

PLUS: What analysts predict as the billion dollar-row over copper line pricing nears its conclusion.


Chris Keall talks about Chorus on NBR Radio, and on demand on MyNBR Radio.

Spark CEO Simon Moutter (Chris Keall)

What's behind Spark's direct action on copper pricing? There's an intriguing secondary motivation

Wed 1 Jul

An insider comment shines a light on one of the motivations for the telco's "Be counted" campaign.