LAWA rates Mission Bay, based on a Dec 9 water sample

Website rates water quality at more than 350 beaches

Aussies worry about sharks. For us, it's bacteria.

Spark CEO Simon Moutter and Vodafone NZ CEO Russell Stanners at today's announcement. "It's a very smart move by [Spark CEO Simon] Moutter and the other players which now makes it essentially impossible to justify another cable," a Pacific Fibre alumni told NBR when the Tasman Global Access Cable was first announced. A second cable on the juicy trans-Tasman leg ruins the economics of a new US-NZ-Australia cable, which could threaten the 50% Spark-owned Southern Cross Cable.

Spark, Telstra, Vodafone confirm transtasman cable — and say CallPlus took a pass

Thu 18 Dec 14 7

UPDATED with comment from CallPlus CEO Mark Callander.

CallPlus CEO Mark Callander: upfront investment needed for retail ISPs to offer Chorus' one gig service — and he's not keen to do that across all his company's brands (CallPlus, Singshot, Orcon and Flip)

Spark signs on for Gigatown

Tue 16 Dec 14 6

A  big hole is filled in the lineup of retailers for the winning town, Dunedin. But NBR's questions remain. 

Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbot (3News)

Abbott govt scales back Aussie equivalent to our UFB

Mon 15 Dec 14 2

Australia and NZ take opposite tacks on broadband.

BMW X3 20D (from $94,400)

BMW ConnectedDrive: on the road with the internet of things

Sun 14 Dec 14

Always-on internet; an always-on human within reach; and a seriously cool, jet fighter style heads-up display.

'Here is the PWC report that made my tummy compass spin'

Sat 13 Dec 14 6

Tremor turns into a "video quake".