"What do you mean there are still Kiwi infiltrators?"

HBO NOW deadline passes, but not all Kiwis identified as rogue users cut-off

Fri 24 Apr 15 1

A cull begins, but not a universal cull.

Kevin Hague (TV3)

Singapore radio ad targeting NZ rental market 'wrong and unfair'

Thu 23 Apr 15 9

Johnny Foreigner is building new apartments.

#Ponytailgate: Key gets off relatively lightly with international media

Thu 23 Apr 15 10

"Hair today, gone tomorrow" fears don't really come to pass.

Quickflix NZ MD Paddy Buckley

Snag for Lightbox, Quickflix as Google pulls support for their video format

Tue 21 Apr 15 2

Bosses of each company respond | Another Game of Thrones technical blooper for Sky TV.

Baldwins Paul Johns: The next Copyright Act review should ask if the legislation is the right tool to protect territory-based distribution deals

Is there a case against global mode? A neutral lawyer's analysis

Mon 20 Apr 15 17

The issues at stake in New Zealand's biggest ever copyright case as Sky TV, MediaWorks, TVNZ and Spark line up against CallPlus, BNSL and others.


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