Meg Whitman

HP splits in two

Tue 3 Nov

Will it help turn around HP New Zealand's lousy run?

Excess Knowledge - the horse that will either make the fortune of NBR's technology editor, or lose him $10

Melbourne Cup: A reminder of the DIA’s strange-but-true rules for office sweepstakes

Mon 2 Nov 1

The jackpot limit, the individual limit and (cough) the prohibition on firearms and hookers.

M2 GM of consumer Taryn Hamilton  (Photo: Tinaz Karbhari)

Telcos tax customers to pay for broadband tax extension – six months before it hits

Fri 30 Oct 4

Phone companies and ISPs look to claw back $150m in charges due to an un-anticipated government levy. UPDATED with comment from Amy Adams.

Plus special feature audio: M2 boss trashes rivals over timing.

Lachlan Murdoch

The problem with Lachlan Murdoch's plan for ad-funded phone bills

Wed 28 Oct

Sorry, young 'un. It's been tried before. 

Goodnest co-founder James MacAvoy

Goodnest and the ‘Amazoning’ of everything


Why have Sam Morgan and Shane Bradley invested in a cleaning company?


Goodnest co-founder James MacAvoy talks about his company on NBR Radio and on demand on MyNBR Radio.

Xero's Chris Ridd:  "When the phishing campaign first started a few weeks ago, we commissioned KPMG to audit our systems for security issues and vulnerabilities, and we got a clean bill of health"

Scammers gain access to Xero customers' accounts

Fri 23 Oct 10

Fake email imitated Xero branding, and successfully tricked some users into revealing their logon details.