Xero Australia MD Chris Ridd

'We've never seen a competitor in any category behave in this manner' — MYOB on Xero man's outburst


Xero's Aussie boss let's rip; MYOB fires back.  

Apple CEO Tim Cook with an Apple Watch last September

Apple's March 9 event tipped to be Watch launch

Fri 27 Feb 15

Two things strike me.


MYOB tipped to raise $A750m to $A800m with IPO

Thu 26 Feb 15 1

Xero rival expected to report record revenue, earnings today.

Spark CEO Simon Moutter

Copper fight: Spark says ComCom's estimate of Chorus costs $12/month too high

Tue 24 Feb 15 10

Retail ISPs' submissions made public in the latest round of trench warfare over regulated wholesale pricing. UPDATED with Chorus response.

Fellet: Argues that with its $105 million project to give all 800,000-plus Sky decoders internet download capability, Sky is doing more in online than anyone

Today's SVOD market a 'joint suicide pact' – Sky TV boss

Tue 24 Feb 15 16

John Fellet on Netflix, Lightbox, Quickflix and Neon — and his company's $105m project to make its decoders internet-friendly.

Only older series of Game of Thrones are on Sky TV's new $20 a month Neon service. First-run episodes are saved for satellite subscribers. The same goes for other prime content

Sky TV's golden handcuffs: half-year net profit jumps 12.7% to $92.5m

Mon 23 Feb 15 7

Perversely, a worse result today might have been better for the pay TV broadcaster's future | Subscribers fall.