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All Veitched out

Hate to sound like Garth George, but we really can’t get too excited about the latest turn in the endless Tony Veitch saga. The broadcaster did something wrong. He’s paid and paid and paid for it. Too many of his erstwhile employer’s media rivals have been dining out on the story for way too long.
If those in the news business still shedding crocodile tears over the assault that Veitch has now admitted to really cared about what sometimes happens to women in ill-chosen relationships, there are infinitely more serious gender-related matters in the world to be sorrowing over right now.

And no, we respectfully disagree with the wit at TV3 who wrote that the case has “gripped” New Zealand for the past year. At least if by New Zealand one means any jurisdiction outside of Wadestown and Ponsonby.
As pointed out here nearly a year ago, there does remain something troubling about a scenario in which one broadcaster’s history of domestic violence gets endlessly dissected while that involving another celebrity television presenter — former Maori Party candidate Derek Fox — essentially received a free media pass and has now been politely forgotten.
On the other hand, Veitch himself would probably be doing everyone a favour, not least himself, by abandoning his threats of legal action against some of the various media that have diminished his reputation since the story first broke. As with almost everything else about this sad, unfortunate and ultimately irrelevant affair, that’s not okay.


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this is the biggest free pass for Veitch and if he was brown he'd be in the big house doing serious time. Veitch hasn't even admitted he did anything wrong beyond "lashing out" and apparently that was all her fault for looking at his phone. As for the so called "interview" on Close Up, while it might have been cathartic for Veitch it made me feel quite ill. Here's a self-centred scumbag who hasn't the remotest scrap of decency about it. If he appears on TV in a regular role again I shall complain to the BSA every time he's on.

and I really really am. How about they both pull their heads in now because guaranteed, we are about to start endless rounds of "he said, she said" dripping & moaning. I don't listen to Willy Jackson (but I hear I'm probably a racist because of it) but I have heard much about his comments over the last months - he needs to be accountable for his mouth at the very least. So yes, take him to court but for the rest of the saga, can WE move on & leave them to it??

..that way too much attention has been given to the Veitch story, while a large number of women suffer at the hands of their non-celeb partners every day. It's also more than a little worrying that TV news feels it's worth devoting 10 minutes to this case as the lead-in story when there are far more relevant things in the world that need to be reported. Very sad indeed.

i felt sorry for veitch as a fellow human during his travails but after seeing him last night on close up , campbell and the news , i've decided that he's still the same bumptious, rampant ego he always was...albeit a bit worse for wear.
dunne-powell summed it all up in her campbell interview when she said " watching him today in court i think the only remorse tony has is for himself and how it's affected him ( sic)".

as for willie jackson; that guy runs off at the mouth about a lot of topics without the slightest bit of research or's amazing that he's not in litigation full-time for a lot of his daily comments so , yes, i agree he needs to have the business done on him so he may start getting abit more responsible on's not a game willie and not everyone's rascist ,except you ??!!

time to move on...tony who ?

I just don't want to see him on tv again - regardless of your point of view, his offending (and the coverage surrounding it) has totally outweighed any talent he may have arguably once possessed.

Do we have any proof anywhere that anyone outside the media really cares about this particular matter to anything like the degree the media thinks we do? And another thing. If media people are so into rehabilitation and against retributive justice, why the endless villification of Veitch?

Most are absolutely OVER this story. Yes..he made a bad move..but there by the grace of God go any of us...and the Kirstin woman doesn't sound blameless by any stretch of the imagination. As a woman myself, i know how provocative and vindictive and plain nasty women can be...especially if they don't get their way in relationships...she sounds all of that and more. I am so pleased none of my sons are married to her! Veitch's wife has been fantastic throughout this sorry saga.. what a lucky find she was..streets better than the other woman thats for sure.But please let the issue drop

Good grief. This whole "she must have deserved it" attitude is exactly the reason domestic violence is so endemic in NZ. I sincerely hope something like this never happens to yourself, or your sister/best friend/daughter.

The first 13 mins on TV One's main evening news was a little over the top to say the least!... I actually went out to the garden to dig up some carrots and was amazed that the coverage was still on when i came back in.

The story could (and should) have been summed up in 3-4 mins.

He has repeatedly admitted that he is guilty and quote "what more can i do John" Source; Campbell Live last night.

For gods sake this whole sutation has got out of hand. May i suggest that Kirsten Dunne-Powell was under an agreement of confidentiality and by that she had signed a document stating that the whole event would remain confidential. Now by the letter of the law this means that it remains between the 2 parties and thats where it should stay. Tony paid compensation ($127k + donations to charities) and did what she asked of him.

Now why would Veitch come out and 'dob' himself in if it would only make matters worse? This would indicate that the 'source' of the leak came from either Kirtsen herslf or someone very close to Kirsten, a clear breach of the confidentiality agreement... Why would you do it? May i suggest that the timing of the leak was to coincide with Veitch getting married, never cross a women scorned...

I am at no stage condoning Tony's actions on the night - what he did was totally un-acceptable. The point i am making is that if Kirsten repeatedly says that she isn't the source of the leak then who would it be? As stated previously, i can't for the life of me imagine that it would have come from Veitch so who would it be? I will leave that open to you to decide

On another matter - TV3 - you have made this whole episode far worse than it needed to be. I have never seen an organisation go so hard for the throat as to what TV3 has at Tony Veitch. When the news broke the coverage was relentless... to the point of repulsive. Maybe it was a get square for the goings on of Clint Brown and the coverage he recieved when his little incident happened, enough already - get over it.

Summned up - live and let live - the sooner the medeia find another story to cover the better, anything but the recession would be nice.

Good point Tom. Why doesn't the NBR do a little bit of digging to find out what became of Tony's 100K which he now deserves to have repaid?!?

Excellent points-Anonymous and Tom B.This sounds like a set up to maximise A.C.C. payments to me. Thousands of us have had awful experiences which causes nightmares and other on-going problems. I too have been diagnosed with P.T.S.S.following an experience -over years-far worse than yours Kirsten!!But I have guts and character and I am not greedy and do not go back on my word.I too am glad you never met my lovely sons.What was your husband thinking about? Money??? Time will tell.

But there were no ACC claims made.

Mary T notes: "I too have been diagnosed with P.T.S.S.following an experience -over years-far worse than yours Kirsten!!"

I was not aware there was a competition on for the title of 'most traumatised'.

SILLY !! The point is-she is not alone in having had problems.Stop soaking in it and get along with life. THAT WAS THE THRUST OF MY COMMENT.Anon-you were deliberately deflecting the point I made. Who on earth would want such a competition???Also-we were told in the media some time back that they had fabricated a story for A.C.C. about a fall down the stairs. If that is correct then that is dis-honest --to put it politely. Maybe no claims were made because they saw what could eventuate had they proceeded along that path. M.T.

You wanted such a competition, MT, why else would you try to compare apples and oranges to undermine someone else's suffering?

The court documents said ACC was paid as a portion of the physiotherapy, the same as it would be for anybody who was injured, regardless of the cause. Surely you would not deny any taxpayer their right to ACC.

I did not compare.This is becoming pathetic and peurile.I made a statement of fact.
Of course I would not deny that her.
Even escaping prisoners qualify-unless that has been altered.
I was talking about honesty,collusion and dwelling on problems. Is English a second language for you two? Or are you being deliberately obtuse and deflecting valid points for a purpose?? M.T.

Actually Mary, you did make a comparison - between your alleged suffering and that of Kirstin Dunne Powell. But I am guessing that English is not your first language when you write "a second language for you two" I assume you meant "... for you TOO"

You and Tom B and others are assuming that Kirstin was the source of the leak to the media. But I am sure that there were many friends and exteneded family of Kirstin's who were aware of what happened, plus there are all the medical staff that had treated her and would have been aware of how the injuries were sustained. I think the timing of the leak had more to do with Tony's selection to be part of the broadcast team for the Olympic Games and envy/jealousy that he was getting the opportunity to be at the Olympics.

It is a shame that Tony had to make a statement yesterday. I think he would have been better off to have let the dust settle for a few days before he suggested going after the media. No one is going to be too sorry that he might pursue Willie Jackson through the courts. But to go on the offensive straight after the court hearing has left the distinct impression that he is displaying little remorse for the injuries he inflicted on Kirstin.

2 things Pete R;

1. I will have to pull you up - In my comment is said that it was either KDP or someone close to her who leaked the story to the media (which i note you seem to say aswell). I would find it hard to believe that someone from outside the 'circle of trust' (such as a nurse or doctor) would report this to any authority, the ramifications for that particular person could lead to all sorts of trouble - simply wouldn't be worth it. Either way you look at it the leak was timed to cause maximum destruction of Tony Veitches Career and Personal Life.

2. Given that she agreed to take the money then it would only confirm that this was a binding agreement and the matter was apparently put to bed. For it to come out the way it did in such detail would suggest that either KDP or someone close to her had spoken to a media outlet (Dominion Post from memory).

Either way this is a breach of confidentiality and therefore a breaking of the agreement - if Veitch was un-remorseful he could quite possibly take THAT matter to court.

On the flipside i have to agree with you regarding Tony going immediatley on the offencesive - yes he could've/should've waited until the dust had settled to explain his side of the story. I can only imagine he was glad it was finally over and keen to let a bit of frustration go and that was the reason behind him going to the media immediately. I think he is remorseful, distraught more than likely.

BTW - forgive me for any grammatical mistakes, unfortunately my spell check is mis-behaving

Nobody comes out of this with much credit especially the truly appalling Kirstin. Takes the money then dobs him in anyway to get some revenge. If it wasn't her that called the police in and breached her agreement with Veitch then why didn't she refuse to cooperate with the investigation? I believe that lots of people who suffer domestic violence do not want the offender prosecuted (rightly or wrongly).
There is also the larger question of how the police handled the case with a series of leaks to the media culminating in a woman officer being taken off the case. The officer in question apparently went to the same gym as Kirstin, picked up and relayed gossip and generally stirred things up.

Am I alone in wondering about the journalism ethics here? Will we ever be able to believe any comment Veitch may make as a journalist about the so-called sports celebrities who prepared character references for him? Or how about those sportspeople who were asked to provide a reference and declined? How can anything Veitch does in sports journalism be taken seriously when we know he owes favours to several sports and may harbour grudges against others?

No Peter-I meant you TWO-Anon and Cameron. Which would have been obvious if you are as great at English as your patronising comment implies that you believe!!One last time-that comment was to say that many have suffered and get on with it-perhaps there are no "who can I claim from" options for those that do so?Or the mindset that probably accompanies such "
gravy train thinking"
I agree entirely that it was probably jealousy over Tony's apparent success that initiated the leak. I also think you are spot on about Willie Jackson-he is a super gobbed idiot who is an embarassment to Maoridom.Media who give him air time obviously cannot afford quality broadcasters. They are out there!! M.T.

while i will never condone his actions, i must ask the question - how can a women who takes a massive amount of money really live with her actions? - reality here is she has done nothing other than destroy someone for one mistake - yes he was and is a disgrace for his actions, BUT - how can you take money, sign an agreement, then leak it to the media - what a joke - the women is some piece of work who has been 100% commited to hurting Tony no matter what! her whole agenda was to make his life a misery from day one - her attitude is that if she cant have Tony, then she will make life hell for everyone else. i think she is lucky that it ended here, as if it went to trial it would have ended up very different, and all her carry on would have been exposed. Tony has been upfront with what he did, she has been caught out with the summary of facts - given she has been paid for her injuries, she must be held accountable for the use of ACC, and the media to try and control his future - a big applause to Zoe - what a lady! i have met her before and she is a great girl - as for the accuser - yuck,and what a disgrace. i hope we see TV on the tele again and very soon - he is great and deserves a better chance. as i said it is shame the facts have not come out - trust me the picture would be very different. Tony fell on the sword - i would say a few in the media will be doing the same very soon - some with a big cheque in the hand to pass to Tony & Zoe. KDP should hide her face in shame - you look like an idiot who is a money grabber & has an ego that needs to be in the media.

[NOTE: This post has been slightly abridged. Marc, please go easy on the ungrounded accusations.--DC]

The Herald is continuing to keep the story alive with all sorts of garbage about character references used at the trial.
Will we ever get answers to the following:
Who leaked the whole sorry saga to the media?
Why did the "victim" not decline to press charges given she had been given $150,000 as a final settlement of the matter? I wonder if she was "encouraged" to do so by the lady cop at the gym who might have had an eye on the media angles and her very own 15 mins of fame. ("Keitha??!!)
Can she be pursued and made to repay the money as she broke the agreement?
Will the media (eg that idiot W Jackson ) be held to account for the witch hunt of Vetch? This was as stupid as it was reprehensible given that the vast majority of their readers weren't impressed.
What about the Police with their selective leaks to the media and unprofessional behaviour? Heaven help anyone who has an issue with the police - their lack of standards and vindictiveness were on display yet again.
Will ACC get its money back?
(That's enough penetrating questions - Ed)

exactly ben franklin! - it is very obvious from the press articles today of how it all came about - what a surprise that KDP was in contact 3 times on the day of the release. i think we all know that the potential for massive fall out was only in the wings until the trial. in my opinion TV is now the fall guy - yes his actions are a disgrace, but so is taking money, agreenig to a silence agreement,then taking to the next level. Tony - you are a lucky man as i reckon this is a small price to pay to be rid of such a volitle person in your life - hey, KDP was keen to work with you at TVNZ after the event so it must not have had that much effect! get well and get back on the tele Tony!

Tony is obviously in a bad place at the moment. I don't understand why he is doing all these media interviews. Surely buggering off to somewhere like Waiheke for a few years like Hosking did and enjoying a quiet period of life with his wife would be better.

Getting a job in the public eye in my opinion is not what he needs as an individual.

I don't agree with what he did - but at the same time I don't want to see him take his life for it either. Getting his health and state of mind back is paramount - and the solution to that is not back on the airwaves or telly.

Tony-take time to heal, you have seen the media vultures. See Steve's good advice above.Please do lots of r. and r. and show your lovely wife you deserve her. May you become strong again soon.Very best wishes for a powerful recovery.
Mary T

and is he being given good advice by his pr people and ignoring it, or getting bad advice and acting on it?

The only people intersted are the media.

They think that there is interest among their readers/watchers/listeners - there is not !!!

Nuf said !!!

I entirely agree, Alice. It is a relief to see that in this case the victim seems to be supported by a strong, dignified family who actually understand the importance of treating women with respect.

The point most people are making is that she is trying to benefit financially from this terrible situation - she should have gone to the police staright away and never asked for money.

As I understand it, the victim was earning over NZD200 000 at the time of the offence.

If you consider yourself in her position for a moment; you are in a wheelchair, unable to work, upset at the awful end to a long-term relationship, with large rehabilitation bills and no income.

It is fine to judge anybody's actions from a rational, calm viewpoint, but I don't imagine many of us would be in such a level-headed mood if this happened to us.

That still doesn't explain why she took the money and didn't go to the police - if anything it highlights her greed.

I would find it hard to belive she would not have been paid by her employer as i beleive that in NZ you are still entitled to sick leave(?).

I seem to remember that it didn't effect her getting another job while she was going through this process. Oh yeah and she was also considering working back at TVNZ WITH Tony...Give me a break!

You are quite right, I am sure she didn't stop loving him straight away - wouldn't it be pretty inhuman if she was able to?
I know she would have been entitled to sick leave, but 5 days may not cover a broken back. I imagine she sought new employment when she was able to, which makes sense.
All I am saying is imagine, just for a second, that is were your daughter - a tiny bit of compassion wouldn't go amiss.

Granted - however imaine been Tony's parent and seeing Tony go through this... as i am sure has been pointed out it's time for this story to end all together - which i see has happened in the media most of the week.

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