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Dotcom offered me $200,000 — Banks

As the High Court at Auckland heard audio of a police interview with John Banks today, my main thought was, "Please make it stop."

I could not be in court, alas, but followed the action through tweets by NewstalkZB's Frances Cook.

Things went from farce to high farce:

Asked why he attended a party at the Dotcom mansion, Mr Banks said anyone would go if invited.

At the more serious end of things, Mr Banks alleged that Kim Dotcom offered him a $200,000 donation.

He said he refused because he though it was an "outrageous" amount of money.

Mr Banks said Dotcom offered him "great access to social media."

He told police he did use the internet and did not understand this was a reference to social media — meaning, presumably, that the official John Banks Twitter account that has operated for the past four and a half years has been controlled by a third-party. 

Mr Banks says he then suggested Mr Dotcom donate $25,000 (the standard amount he was asking from big donors). He did not recall if the accused pirate said yes and had "no actual knowledge" of any donation from Mr Dotcom (who in the event sent the campaign two $25,000 cheques; Mr Dotcom maintains Mr Banks asked him to split a $50,000 cheque).

Mr Banks also reiterated that he was not aware a $15,000 cheque, recorded as anonymous, came from Sky City.

The Auckland Mayoral candidate turned ACT leader says he spoke to Mr Dotcom on three more occasions but did not attend another party at Dotcom mansion. He decided it was not his scene.

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Comments and questions

"Mr Banks alleged that Kim Dotcom offered him a $200,000 donation. He said he refused because he thought it was an "outrageous" amount of money."

Yeah right. To John Banks or indeed any politician, no donation is so much that it would be declined as being too outrageous.

I'd say it is John Banks whose not on the planet nowadays.

Surely any politician would be off the planet and on their way to Uranus if they turned down $200k.

Did the two $25,000 donations from Dotcom come from two different bank accounts or one?

Two different companies, two different legal entities so technically had to be declared as separate amounts. I'm just curious if Mr was actually operating those companies properly if he can just whip $25k out of each for his own interests rather than the companies interest. Does that give scope to lift the corporate veil on other companies he has interests in, especially ones with unpaid debts?

That says a lot about the whole situation when even the Judge appears to smile...obviously did not impress some journo's

I found it interesting that the SG decided to take over the case in this instance one would have to wonder if this is a reverse way of attempting to discredit Dotcom rather than look hard at Mr Banks?..

ho hum it is becoming a little like a day in parliament then?