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Fifa World Cup delivers rugby a lesson in stadium advertising

I'm loving the electronic billboards at the Fifa World Cup.

They'e static, and the signage is changed with one simple fade (see my 30-second am-cam clip below).

It's such a welcome change from the frenetic, distracting animated signage you see these days at rugby games, or at most grounds in the EPL, that verges on wrecking your viewing.

The Fifa setup is win-win. Sponsors get unmissable wrap-around signage, and fans don't get driven up the wall.

I've got no problem immediately recalling Fifa World Cup advertisers — Visa, Coca Cola, Castrol, Powerade, Sony, Adidas, McDonalds, Kia etc.

But unlike after a Super Rugby game, I'm not remembering their names in annoyance.

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This is so true. I have stopped watching super rugby games out of sheer annoyance at the distracting electronic signage that keeps moving and disrupting my vision.