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Half Zuckerberg, half formal: the pinstripe hoodie

Mark Zuckberg's hoodie - suddenly in the news as he pushes Facebook's IPO - might put you off if you're a more conservative business dresser, or have a more conservative employer.

Remember, there's a thin line between Friday casual and dressing like a child.

Yet, the Facebook founder is worth a cool $US17.5 billion (and likely more post-IPO).

And as Rod Drury pointed out on Twitter, even one billion is enough to buy everyone in New Zealand around four hoodies each.

And, even when an unknown, Zuck enjoyed stunning success in pitch meetings with various venture capitalists, including Peter Thiel.

So maybe there is something to this casual dressing lark.

Maybe, to some, it implies you've enough confidence in yourself, and your ideas, that you don't need to hide behind convention and play dress up.

The good news is that now you don't have to choose between corporate and casual.

For Betabrand is launching the Executive Pinstripe Hoodie, which combines the gangsta chic of a the street garment with the classic boardroom pattern of a traditional jacket.

It will launch May 18 for $US148.

Wear it for your next casual Friday. Just remember to pull down the hood during meetings, and think up a multibillion idea to tell your boss.

Betabrand's effort joins the (swear I'm not making this up) Sealed Badge Premium Hoodie ($147.50) recently launched by the University of Auckland as part of the tertiary institution's we can be as down with the kids as AUT Huffer collection.

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