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ASB red-faced as Wellingtonians cry ‘Jafa!’

Droga5’s work in relaunching ASB has been met with predictable derision from online punters, while agency heads have largely expressed positive sentiments – in private, at least.

However, the work hasn’t been a hit with Wellingtonians, who are laughing their socks off over an ad gaffe around an ASB poster.

The offending copyline – see photo – reads “I’m ASB Manners Mall. After helping people create futures all day, I like to sit and watch the bucket fountain”.

However, a sharp-eyed Welly reader points out the bank has confused Manners Mall with Cuba Mall.

Cuba is the one with the lovely bucket fountain, while Manners isn’t even a mall any more.

(One dude’s even composed an Emo Song about the demise of the Mall.)

“After months of controversy and months of road works it has been converted back into a street to allow the buses to run through it. That is something a ‘local’ could not have failed to notice,” our local man writes.

“And how much love, care and attention do the staff at the branch have for their bank/branch to allow this to go up in their window unchallenged?”

They must’ve been wetting their pants and swearing each other to secrecy!

But wait – the gaffe goes further.

“Even more embarrassing is that the fountain is more famous than the Manners Street branch of ASB. The Cuba Street fountain appears on Google Maps, and ASB doesn't, although you can search for it and find it. That's a bit embarrassing for a bank that prides itself on technology!

“That appears to be something the ad agency didn't quite get around to

The error has even made the Dominion Post, pointing out you would need pretty good eyesight to see “500 metres, oh and around corners and through buildings”.

“Bloody Aussie bank – run by an Aucklander!”

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Comments and questions

Droga5 have done a terrible job on all of the ASB campaign.

Appearance or not on Google maps is hardly a claim to fame (just ask Costa Rica!), but it's pretty dumb to localize your ad campaign and get it wrong.

Maybe it should read
"watch the money mountain flow "?

Don't you mean 'fountain'? How does a mountain flow?

Draga5 stuffed up but surely it was a local the put it up in the window, plus I am sure the bank manager would also have seen it before it went up - there has to be some apportionment of blame.

Sorry Droga5 but you have just shattered ASB's reputation

Typical Introspective small minded Wellingtonian response.
When are they going to get over being the 3rd most populous city and see themselves for what they are. Insecure prats

Introspective, hmmm pot calling the kettle black my AKL friend

oh dear..and all those complaints already to the BSA about the tastelessness of the ASB IVF ads....shucks, Rocky and co at Drooga 5..could it be right with hubris, that those the Gods wish to destroy...first they make them crazy?

What a shocker.

Ha..I told you they were more Dog than Drog. Bring back Goldstein. Organise a rally!

Drongo5 - what a waste of time and effort - zero points for ad's.

But wellington - gee is that all they have to worry about - must be - just too many over paid public servants with nothing better to do than waste our time in NZ most productive city...

who cares what wellington thinks!

Clearly what it means is that after work, the ASB branch walks around the corner and sits in Cuba Mall watching the buckets go splish-splash.

Perfect sense to me.

You’re so right, we Wellingtonians are overpaid. It may be due to our strong attention to detail…..

Pull up the blinds people!

ASB has climbed on the social media band wagon lately and stunts like this create attention and discussion amongst the great unwashed.

It's the kind of marketing you just can't buy, and I’m not fooled by it for one second…

Trying to counteract the bad publicity over the Ralph Norris pay packet

02.04 doubt it. This just makes ASB and Drooga5 look silly.

I hate wellington.

Where is Wellington?

Never heard of it.

@ Anon @ 1:13 .....I don't think that ASB did this on purpose to get attention (they are not that smart) after all we are talking about the bank that only by accident (somebody calling in to check their account - I believe) discovered that one off their advisors was stealing millions.

average very average this campaign is boring run if the mill and half a--.
you had it and you lost it asb.
kind of like alanis morisettes second album after jagged little pill, matrix 2 and charlie sheens acting career after platoon