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Hi, hi, hi, hi, hi, hi, I'm David Seymour

The Auckland electorate of Epsom remains ground-zero for MMP silliness. 

List MP Paul Goldsmith made a brief announcement he's been confirmed as National's candidate (run a text search on and you'll see it as the 11th item in his March 2014 update).

Meanwhile, ACT candidate David Seymour  has released a video with an Alan Patridge-esque intro that has instantly gone viral — for all the wrong reasons.

It's likely John Key — who has already attended a fundraiser for Seymour — will at some point have a cup of tea with the ACT candidate, giving National voters in Epsom the nod to deliver him their electorate vote. 

At that point, the loopy mechanics of MMP mean Labour voters in Epsom would be best-placed to deliver their electorate vote to Goldsmith — a strategic move that could deliver the seat to the National candidate and prevent Seymour potentially bringing a couple of extra ACT MPs into Parliament on his coat-tails (if his party can get up to 2.5% in the list vote).

Meanwhile ... oh, David, that video.

Maybe the youthful Seymour will grow up to be one of ACT's finest players. But his amateur-hour YouTube effort indicates he's some distance from that point.

I'm having sport at Seymour's clip, but the underlying point is serious: given the outcome in Epsom will determine not just ACT's future but the shape of the next government, why has leader Jamie Whyte shied away from succeeding John Banks in the seat - instead leaving the job to someone who's coming across as a lightweight?

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Comments and questions

This joker wants to be my MP? Strikes me that the ACT party have become far too complacent with their National Party deal in Epsom.

I can't disagree with anything he said, but he does need a bit of media coaching. Did Prebble see this before it went live?

Give him a break Chris. I'm certainly not an ACT supporter but I think the video is not bad at all.

Word of advice for David Seymour: We need to Hearless of the monotonic incantation "Hi, hi, hi, hi, hi, hi, hi" because it's 'Dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb'.

Is that intro the best you can do -- selling your platitudes to adult voters -- or is it the opening stanza for a sing-along at a daycare centre?

He'll get the hang of it soon, and his points about a Labour/Green govt. are bang on.

Perhaps he is just trying to blend into Epson.

Sunburnt from campaigning may prove successful.

A Damn good video and he sounds a bright young man
Cut the snivelling criticism of his video efforts and back the man

As silly as these videos usually are, I think he comes off well.

The video is simple and to the point.