Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe dresses as Nintendo's Mario for Rio Olympics closing ceremony

Editor’s Insight: Farewell Rio, bring on the Super Mario Olympics

Wed 24 Aug 2

The 2020 Tokyo Games will be a high-tech economic bonanza aimed at doubling tourist numbers in the long term. With special feature audio.

Californian Governor Jerry Brown

Editor’s Insight: California dreamin' is where you meet the future today

Tue 23 Aug

America's sunshine state has fires, drought and is a crucible for climate change policies. With special feature audio.

Sir Geoffrey Palmer

Editor’s Insight: Written constitution – back door to a republic?

Fri 12 Aug 13

Former prime minister Sir Geoffrey Palmer has revived the debate over a written constitution and it could mean dumping the Queen as head of state. With special feature audio.

Australia Federal Treasurer Scott Morrison

Editor's Insight: Australia blocks sale of power grid to Chinese interests

Fri 12 Aug 2

Federal Treasurer Scott Morrison says the sale of the NSW state-owned network is not in the national interest.

Uber chief executive Travis Kalanick

Editor’s Insight: Billionaire Census reveals how they make and spend their fortunes

Thu 11 Aug 2

The bi-annual Billionaire Census is out and it shows they are getting richer and more numerous. With special feature audio.

DB Breweries chief executive Andy Routley

Editor’s Insight: How social media is transforming the hospitality industry

Wed 10 Aug

Bars and restaurants are changing to satisfy new dining and drinking habits. With special feature audio.