World Economic Forum founder Klaus Schwab

Editor's Insight: New Zealand jumps three places in global competitiveness ranking

Thu 29 Sep

New Zealand's improvement runs against the world trend of less open economies.

Editor's Insight: Traffic lights signal progress on government's major projects

Wed 28 Sep

The Treasury has a green-to-red measure for assessing the state's big ticket infrastructure items. 

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton

Editor's Insight: How the candidates fared in the first presidential debate

Tue 27 Sep 7

Hillary Clinton wins on a points decision

Editor’s Insight: The nobler side of the Ig Nobel Prizes for improbable research

Tue 27 Sep 1

Unlikely research can produce surprisingly serious results.

Resolution Foundation economist Adam Corlett

Editor's Insight: Flattening the elephant curve on globalisation's winners and losers

Fri 23 Sep

A reassessment shows the West's middle and working classes did better than previously claimed.

Volkswagen chief executive Matthias Müller

Editor's Insight: One year on, it's hunky dory at VW, apart from a few billion

Wed 21 Sep 2

The German car giant has record sales and is moving away from diesel into electric vehicles.