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Official NZ Government website looking a little banana republic

At right is a screen grab from, "The official website of the New Zealand Government."

It looks a little banana republic.

A Crown website should be used for straight informational purposes, not as a vehicle for the government of the day to take schoolboy shots at the opposition.

National and Labour both have a record of pushing the limit in using official channels for political purposes. Pity to see it spilling over into this arena too.

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Comments and questions

I think you are mistaking the difference between 'Government' and 'Crown'; as you seem to infer that a page which reads "The official website of the New Zealand Government" is a 'Crown' webpage - when it isn't. It's the website of of the elected National/Maori/Act/UF coalition, which is what 'a Government' is. The institutions of which make up the 'The Crown' are the Ministries, and the like.

It's an official site. You'd hope it would neutrally outline government policy; you'd expect the governing coalition of the day to ham it up a bit and boost its efforts; you don't expect low-rent shots at the opposition. Leave that for a party's own site.

Perhaps, but again 'The Government' is not a crown agency, part of the Public Service or any part of the wider state sector.

The Government in the elected coalition of parties in power at any one time, and you've accussed it of being political in its webpage.

Yes a tad embarrassing. To be fair all parties in power do it and shouldn't. Dear NBR please humiliate them a little.

Chris - it just isn't practical to have the webadmin decide unilaterally which press releases from Ministers are "political" and "non-political" and only put up the ones he or she thinks are not too political. It would be a bureaucratic nightmare and would mean no releases go up in a timely manner.

It's simple. If a Minister puts out a press release in their capacity as a Minister, it is the role of the web admin to stick it on the site. It is meant to be an archive of what Ministers have said - not a sanitized site.

If you don't like the facts Ministers sometimes attack Opposition MPs, then your criticism should be with Ministers, not the site admin.

Having said that expecting Ministers to never attack Opposition MPs is rather silly and naive.

Would you expect to not include comments from Obama when he attacks House Republicans? Of course not.

But that is what Key does- take shots at the opposition.
Time we had a return to the real purpose of parliament,ie,governing the country.