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Man behind rogue Colin Craig website reveals himself

LATEST: Has creator breached Electoral Act, as the real Colin Craig claims? Law prof weighs in

The formerly anonymous person behind satire site has revealed themselves.

InternetNZ 's Domain Name Commission (DNC) site now lists former Green Party candidate Max Coyle of Hamilton as the person who registered the URL.

Mr Coyle did not immediately return NBR's call [UPDATE: See comments from Mr Coyle end of story]

Colin Craig told NBR he had a team looking at the issue. Options include entering the DNC's Disputes Resolution process in a bid to gain control of, or legal action through the courts. He will make a decision when he returns from travelling tomorrow night.*

The Conservative leader says could constitute a breach of the Electoral Act. "In my view it's electioneering. There's no question it's attempting to contribute to electoral debate, so under the Electoral Act it should feature authorisation and attribution."

Mr Craig added, "It doesn't surprise me a former Green candidate is behind the site. As most people know I've taken Russel Norman to task."

Earlier, Mr Craig told TV3 the site was also "probably defamatory."

Who is Max Coyle? 
A Max Coyle account on LinkedIn, whose contact information matches that listed for Max Coyle on the DNC site, lists him as Publishing Manager at Western Community News, and says he was the Green Party's social media director at the 2011 election.

Mr Coyle was also a Green Party candidate at the 2011 election, but stood down after allegedly misleading the Waikato Times

His profiles says that from between February to November 2013 he worked for Herald publisher APN in a sales role.

Mr Coyle gained minor notoriety in December last year when he told Justice Minister Judith Collins to "go kill yourself you despicable human." went live Tuesday, and quickly went viral. With Mr Coyle at that point anonymous, Domain Name Commissioner Debbie Monahan told NBR the DNC's Disputes Resolution process could not kick off until the person who registered the domain was identified. 

The DNC would not suspend in the mean time unless it was faced with "an appropriate court order," Ms Monahan said.

Now Mr Coyle has come forward, Mr Craig has the option to enter the DNC's "Level One" Dispute Resolution option, which is a free informal process if both parties agree.

The DNC offers a $2000 "Level Two" Dispute Resolution option, where a panel of retired judges consider a spat over who has rights to a web address, plus a $7000 "Level Three" process if one of the parties wants to appeal.

Mr Craig has also said constitutes a possible breach of the Electoral Act.

* In terms of approaching the Domain Name Commission I think it's important to note there are two separate issues here. One is whether's satire is defamatory. Personally, I have no time for this theory. If you go into politics, you've got to expect parody, and even an element of school-yard bullying over superficial issues like how you walk or talk. While legal options are open, the only politicially-viable response is to be faster on your feet than your rivals, a la David Lange.

The second issue is whether a person or a company has the right to their name online. Usually this has nothing to do with politics. It's more likely to be a commercial rival bagging your company's name as a website address, or a cybersquatter sitting on it and trying to shake you down for a few dollars to gain rights to the URL. Here, Max Coyle strays into especially dodgy territory with the Contact info page, which has realistic email that anyone executing a Google search (and not seeing parody home page) could assume is Mr Craig's real address (which is in fact It's good to see the DNC has dispute resolution procedures in place and that, behind the scenes, this case has been nudged along.

It was good to see that with its new ".nz" domain option (e.g. rather than, there's a The Preferential Registration Eligibility (PRE) period that will run through to March 30, 2015. Existing holders of .nz domain names will have different options open to them, depending on when they originally registered their name, the DNC says. They may, for example, be able to get the shorter version of their name before anyone else, reserve it for free for two years or manage conflicted name issues. Good to see. Satire can be fun. But as Lance Wiggs once said, stealing someone's domain name is an "ass hat move". CK

Max Coyle responds

Max Coyle did not return NBR's call to his cellphone, but did txt that he would send an email.

An email arrived from the bogus Colin Craig email address listed on It read:

The idea behind that site was a bit of a have, we mostly just copied what the real Colin Craig says and what's on his website.

The only criticism we've had is from people that quite rightly pointed out that Colin is his own ball of satire and the website and twitter account weren't even necessary.

I think for a party thats not in Parliament, Colin Craig gets a huge amount of media coverage. Far greater than any other minor and non-parliamentary party and often more than NZFirst, a party with 7 MPs. I really think Peter Dunne is a bit down in the dumps over it.

Have I been given notice by the Domain Name Commission? No, no I have not. Also the Domain Name Commission can only shut down our site if we remained anonymous or if Colin Craig happened to own a company named Colin Craig (which he doesn't) and after  he stated that we wouldn't come forward... well its always nice to prove a politician wrong. Though now that its out of the bag, whether its still needed is the question, people can just go to his actual site for a laugh.

Am I concerned about Colin Craig taking legal action? I think Colin throwing his weight around used to be an issue but I think he's been doing it so much that things have really slimmed down
in that area. More than happy to butter up for a bunfight with old CC and Dry if it comes down to it. 

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Comments and questions

Shall we ask Russell for Royal Commission to be set up to inquire into this dastardly deed?

As per usual, the Greens only regret is that they got caught.

Yeah I rescinded my membership to join the Pirate Party a long time ago and am no longer affiliated with any party.

Terribly sorry. Just a fellow traveller then...

I chatted with a senior Green a couple of weeks back. His only regret with the vandalised billboards in the 2011 election was that it was traced back to a Green party staffer.

1. He was, and now isn't a Green party candidate and
2. He revealed himself (as opposed to getting caught.)

Nothing to see here, move along...

And it's ok when the left does it.

"Former Green Party Candidate"

So he no longer belongs to the Greens - he just has lots and lots of friends there...

It would seem Max is to the Greens what syphilis is to a massage parlor - not really wanted or needed, but inextricably connected...

I have friends who are National Party members, I am not responsible for their actions so your point is? point is what ever you want to make it... if the shoe fits...

But perhaps the best point was aligning the Greens & Max to a rather ugly and embarrassing aspect of life we just wish that wasn't...

But at least with syphilis, one could always take a pill to make it all go away...

Seems whenever there are immature personal focused matters like this, its always a greens supporter

Lots of free time...

You are joking right? Parliament is full of people making immature personal comments - the greens have no monopoly on this.

True - but they always hold themselves out has holier than everyone and they are certainly the worst offenders

....are you sure you are not considering them as worst offenders based on your political ideology, as opposed to anything substantive? Each political party has their own 'worst offenders'. I find it interesting how the greens get dumped on and I suspect it's due to the way in which they challenge mainstream - as sort of attack the messenger scenario.

This would be, of course, as opposed to the extremely mature and well researched views of the person (Mr. Craig) being satirised? I assume you're well versed in how solid and 'mature' his views on matters such as sexuality, women's rights and upper atmospheric pollution?

I made no comments on mr Craig's views. In any event I concur with your comments.

And what SORT of a person smokes a Pipe these days!?

Only someone intent on leaving a Chemtrail......

And a bad carbon footprint!

Why is that doctrinaire ideologues of whatever political persuasion seem to be grey, humourless apparatchiks whose sense of humour, fun and mischief appear to have been surgically amputated at birth?

Ask yourself what would happen if someone set up a similar site against the greens.

I am tempted. Could use a fake/token environmental brand to hide our true extremist left wing agenda, whoops that is the reality.

the reporting on the Conservative Party has been astonishingly lightweight. What analysts fail to apprehend is that the issues Colin Craig represents outweigh the distraction the media are making of him as a personality. Colin, just laugh it off. Political parodies & satire come with the territory unfortunately. An intelligent electorate can see through the satire (not that all voters will); save your money for fighting the real issues.

Putting aside the politics of this which at the end of the day will just determine how I vote, the ease which anyone can just register any domain by paying the dollars desperately needs tightening up in NZ. I can just log on to our domain providers web site and take any addresses not already taken just with an online credit card transaction. Most other countries have long stopped this (including Australia) and you need to prove relevance of the site to you or your business. Maybe if more rouge sites like this pop up it will prompt a change to this sort of thing as well as people registering sites and holding others to ransom to let them go.

It's just like starting businesses - the easier it is the more likely we will get businesses stated. We need more business websites, and we should all own our own domain. If your real name is Lex Grubner, for example, then I would strongly recommend registering, and setting your personal email to that or similar domain rather than a business, free email provider or, worst, an ISP.

Good on max for challenging a politician creatively and getting a heck of a lot
Of attention over it.

Maybe the other parties should
Take a note.

You must be related to Albert with thinking like that...

Max Coyle's a moron.

Max Coyle is not a Green. He was. They kicked him out.

If you were to compare his media campaigning to anyone on the right - you'd go no further than Cameron Slater.

Still, at least Coyle has a sense of humour. Slater's got an even worse sense of humour than the Greens (or the Conservatives, come to that).