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Sneak preview: MetService redesigns website

One for web designers and weather nuts:

MetService is redesigning its website in collaboration with Wellington web design company Pikselin.

Check out a sneak peak here:

The site's new look features midnight blue and yellow, and a new logo.

Apparently it's more multimedia rich. 

I just like the fact I no longer have to scroll down to see the weather on the Auckland screen.

"The website is also more contextual, with information being displayed depending on the current time and weather conditions," MetService says.

I'm sure if you've got some feedback, Metservice or Pikselin will pick it up from Comments below.

On a side note, Metservice says it has now had 50,000 downloads of its $1.59 smartphone app (for iPhone and Android).

CURRENT LOOK (click to zoom):

NEW LOOK (click to zoom):

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Comments and questions

Looks like the Air NZ logo.

The logo looks rude.

Hrmm. I think I prefer the current one. The new one seems a bit dark and gloomy.

Nice logo … but very dark and gloomy. Like our weather. #SpotOn

Doesn't render for me..

Change the dark blue to white and you could be onto something good

um, getting the thumbs down - or is it trying to be retro?

Not responsive? Seems like a massive missed opportunity.

Feels a bit underbaked.

Content display is good but agree with other comments re: colour

Prefer the old one - in particular, the hourly rain forecast that extends further out in time. Happy to click through to see this....

I think the marine forecast is a huge improvement! Can't wait to use it for fishing.