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"Spark starts here" — new Telecom branding goes up

UPDATE: Telecom corporate relations GM Andrew Pirie says, "The bus stop sign is part of a campaign in the lead up to Spark, not the Spark rebranding itself. That will happen in August." 

The company has put more teaser guff online at


EARLIER: It looks like Telecom's re-naming is imminent, if this bus stop action is anything to go by.

It was snapped by Wellington man Mauricio Freitas (@freitasm) and posted to Twitter just before 5pm.

Mr Freitas tells NBR there's an LCD display behind the bus sign, which is in Courtenay Place in the CBD.

Similar signage is going up around Britomart in Auckland.

Telecom's starburst logo is maintained in the new Spark branding, as previously flagged.

NBR's crack Ad-Media team is on the case, and hopes to have more shortly.

Earlier this year, Telecom said it would spend around $20 million rebranding itself to Spark.

"Spark" is one of two major Telecom branding projects this year.

The second is the launch of a broadband TV service — dubbed ShowMeTV until challenges by TVNZ and a shopping channel operator. 

Telecom has registered Spark TV as a possible alternative, but has yet to confirm the service's new name. The movie and streaming service will be open to customers of all ISPs when it launches later his year. It's budget, including operational and programming costs, is also $20 million in its first year.

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Comments and questions

New Telecom brand goes up....just as we all had Yahoo xtra email go down. Oh the irony.

Hi Anonymous, not aware of any recent problems with Xtra mail - not sure what you're referring to? Happy to look into it for you if you've had trouble with your account.

Thanks Lucy. supposedly in hand and problem resolved late afternoon yesterday. The nice folk I guess in the Philippines call centre admitted that a lot of calls were coming in due to an error 45 and inability by NZ Yahoo xtra users to see the content of their emails when using browser based viewers (webmail). The problem was across IE, Mozilla and chrome. I'm guessing it was a big outage as the call centre wait time was 45 minutes as predicted by the auto callback system.

Well I do. Approx every week my xtra account gets locked out, usually when I'm travelling on business within NZ

of note is the slogan "you asked we're onto it' i take it they are still working on the xtra email fix?

Meanwhile at Vodafone... investing $50 million in Christchurch rebuild.

Hi Kookoo,
The statement was widely reported as Vodafone investing $50 million in the venture. But the principal of the Calder Stewart development company, Alan Stewart, confirmed his company would fund and construct the headquarters while Vodafone would contribute to the fit-out cost.
NBR Publisher

This will be a case study in business schools - either way.