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App wars: who's got the most downloads? Trade Me vs Countdown vs BNZ and more

On the heels of the browsers stats, Trade Me also sent through some stats on what platforms its mobile visitors used during April:

  • iPad: 41%
  • iPhone: 29%
  • Android: 24%
  • iPod: 5%
  • All others: 1%

I'm assuming iPod means iPod Touch via wi-fi, a version of Trade Me's site optimised for all types of touchscreen devices went live in March.

Trade Me only released its Android app in February, but it seems to be getting good traction.

Spokesman Paul Ford said its iPhone app (originally released in November 2010) has now been downloaded 300,000 times - setting something of a benchmark for other mainstream apps like Countdown's shopping app, which was no slouch with 45,000 downloads in its first two weeks.

Other points of reference: boss Alistair Helm tells me 90,000 have downloads its location-aware app - 75,000 iPhone and 15,000 Android.

And today BNZ said its app has had downloaded 75,000 times - 50,000 iPhone and 25,000 Android.

A spokeswoman for ASB said it had clocked 110,000 downloads for its app, with a 75% iPhone, 25% Android split.

(If you've got some big numbers for your app, and some Google Analytics figures to back them, then by all means email me, or get in touch via LinkedIn or .)

Is a Trade Me iPad app on the way? "Yes, there are plans, and it is on the to-do list for our dedicated mobile team, but it is not imminent," Mr Ford said.

Pretty much everyone uses Trade Me, of course.

Among the more select NBR audience, the breakdown of mobile vistors looked like this during May (according to Google Analytics):

  • iPad: 38.46%
  • iPhone: 35.00%
  • Android: 9.61%
  • iPod Touch: 1.36

An interesting sidenote: Android users were heavily Samsung-orientated. The company's Galaxy S series accounted for 4.46% of visits.

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Comments and questions

Annoyingly, TradeMe still don't have there application optimised for iPad (though the main site is fine via the iPad) and it has been pretty buggy at times.

I know TradeMe are an MS development shop, but there Android and iOS support still seems to be an afterthought at times.

Also interesting to see Windows Mobile etc coming in at < 1% of the market.

They don't have an official windows phone app .

the reason windows phone is low is because trade me's mobile site wasn't compatible within windows phone and the other providers don't have windows phone apps.

Another explanation that fits the data is that no one (relatively speaking) uses WinPhone7. I am fairly sure this is the case, and might provide some insight as to why there isn't a platform specific app for it :)

Based on my observations of the market, WP7 is the answer to a question nobody's asking.