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Richard - a word in your ear about taxi drivers

With hate speech, it's so hard to get all of your ducks in a row.

NZ First MP Richard Prosser says men who are are Muslim, or "look like a Muslim", should be banned from flying on Western airlines - on the basis that while not all of these "trogolodytes from Wogistan" are terrorists, all airborne terrorist acts have been carried out by young Muslim men (although, just quietly, in NZ it's European men who've displayed a proclivity for buzzing rugby games and the Sky Tower in small planes).

Separately, Mr Prosser has called for a "shotgun within reach" for dairy owners and said that "taxi drivers as well as cops should almost be required to have at least a Walther PPK clipped to the sun visor".

Richard, a word in your ear: in Auckland at least, a fair portion of dairy owners and taxi drivers are Muslim (as Twitter wag Ben McNicoll pointed out).

Lastly, if anyone who looks like a Muslim is to be banned from boarding a flight, NBR suggests a shave for Investigate editor Ian Wishart:

Wishart on Seven Sharp last night.

Did I say lasty? John Key, Judith Collins and others have slammed Mr Prosser over his comments.

But it's also important to note he was attacking a a religious group, not cheese cloth as this early version of a Herald headline (spotted by @Whaleoil) asserts:

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