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Where to buy the T-shirt that caused that Qantas stir

You might have caught this story on Stuff this morning: as passengers took their seats for a Qantas flight, passenger Wynand Mullins was approached by a flight attendant. She asked him to remove his T-shirt, saying other passengers were intimidated.

The passengers should have been in awe. It must be the T-shirt of the year.

It combines an event name badge with the killer line from the cult 1987 film The Princess Bride: "Hello, my name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die." (The line was spoken by actor Mandy Patinkin; if you're a Homeland fan it might tickle you to watch it again in this 10-second clip).

New Zealander Mullins - an accountant-turned company director who works in Sydney - had no other top. 

Going topless - or exteme corporate casual, to coin a phraise - did not seem to be an option.

Mullins sent NBR a pic he took of himself on the New Zealand-bound flight.

"I was wondering where they would find a shirt for me, being on a plane and all," he told NBR ONLINE this morning.

"The thought did cross my mind that it would either be a blanket or the pilot's jacket."

In the end, the drama petered out.

"After returning my boarding pass the attendant did not return," Mullins says.

The affair probably raises some important questions about corporate travel attire in the age of terrorism, and Qantas in-flight policies. But I only had one query for Wynand: where did he get such a cool top?

From his mate Phil in Cuba Mall, Wellington, who custom makes corporate badges and T-shirts at a place called Verboom.

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Comments and questions

He could have turned it inside out.

Chris, could you please confirm that when you say "his mate Phil [from Verboom]" you mean that this guy actually knows 'Phil' or you are using 'his mate' as a knock-about term (and they don't actually know each other).

Neither Wynand nor Phil sought publicity from NBR.

I approached Mullins, and he did not raise where he bought it until I asked.

Thanks for the response Chris.

What age is this man - 17? I'm 46 and In don't know this "quote", nor do any of my peers. I personally wouldn't want that "declaration" sitting next to me on an internaional flight.
I suspect he wore this T-shirt to be deliberately provocative and is now enjoying his 15 minutes of fame, thanks in part to the NBR.
He needs to grow up.

James - where have you been living, man? I'm 42 and I know the quote. I love it!!! Kills me every time I hear it (no pun intended). The Princess Bride is a must-watch.

Westley - I completely agree. I'm 35 and know and love the quote as well. I don't see any issue with the t-shirt. Do you really think that somebody who's going to start terrorising anyone is going to wear a t-shirt stating that?
Love The Princess Bride!

Spot on, Westley. Probably one of the most famous movie lines from the 1980s. James Brown must be a very secluded 46. As for the Qantas attendant, bereft of 80s culture.

I'm 49 and I know it as well as do all of my friends. I presume James' peers don't get out a lot.

Are you serious? I'm 25 and know this quote and the movie was made before I was born! What a wet blanket you must be to find this T-shirt provocative.

James, you are such an old fart - that you don't know of The Princess Bride which screened in the late 1980s is proof of just how unhip you are. You may be only 48, but you sound like a grumpy old fart, so cheer up.

Far from being a cool top, this guy's action was plain silly.

We should have learned by now that we apparently have enough sociopaths wandering around freely to avoid this kind of showing off.

Many people would find it intimidating, including women and children, to be sitting next door to someone sending out this sort of adolescent message - or worse.

Somebody call the waaahmbulance!

There seems to be a general assumption that everyone has seen this film. I have heard of it and was aware of it when it was first released. However, as a boy of around 11 years old at the time I'm afraid a romantic fairytale about a princess did not appeal (for some reason). I suppose I could have watched it at an older age (the way in which some adults seem to watch children's film 'ironically') but I have never felt so compelled. From its description on the internet it is a cult classic, which suggests although it may be a terrific film most people have probably not seen it.

Lazlo - you are aware of it but haven't seen it? To quite another famous line from the movie - "inconceivable!" It's not just a romantic fairytale. As you're not 11 any more, broaden your mind, get it out and watch it. Better still, buy it from The Warehouse and share it with others - only $9.99. You'll be in stitches!

As you wish - Westly. Lazlo you really should see this movie. It's full of dramatic action with the romance being a very small part of the film actually. My children have watched it too and agree it's one of the best films ever.

If this guy wants to immortalise it then let him. Seriously it's a T shirt and I have seen far worse on teens and young adults.

The guy is drunk on his own conceit. A certified attention-seeking drongo.

Similar shirts can be bought from any number of internet-based companies - for example, Roadkill Tshirts, Think Geek, etc. Nothing to see here, move along. The Qantas crew member over-reacted, and I agree the best thing they could have asked, if they really needed to, was that he turn his shirt inside out for the duration of the flight.

What a juvenile plonker! An attention-seeking large child.
Does he not know about the troubles we have around the world with sick idiots and their behaviour?
I am so relieved that I do not have the same surname.
That would be a cringe maker.

"Do you know Maladjusted Mullins? "

Now there's a T-shirt slogan for us!

Kiwi drop kick. Watch your back.

This sounds like a terrorist threat. Clearly, Kiwi Sydney cannot safely be allowed to travel.

This is such a Qantas thing to do. Their planes are ageing crates and their aircrew clearly hate their jobs and on the few flights where Qantas has been the only choice I have witnessed crew being pretty obnoxious to passengers. That Jetstar is their subsidiary speaks volumes. Give me Air NZ any time.

I refuse to fly with them

Brave boy, anonymous.

If you believed what you have just written you would put your name on it.
I happen to know quite a lot about Qantas and happen to know you are wrong. So man up, Mr Blancmange.

And NO. I do not need to identify myself because I am not making scurrilous statements about a business that wouldn't want such false statements being made about them. Even by a brave Mr Blancmange.

Would like to see him flying Tiger Airlines into Singapore. They know how to handle retards like this.

One of my pet hates is offensive T-shirts. Whenever I see a Tshirt screaming out "F&*% you" or another similar message I want to punch the person, swearing at me in an unprovoked manner is not acceptable!

I don't know if on the street if this one crossed the mark but within aeronautical I do.

How else would we know how clever and interesting a person is if they don't tell us, and what better way than wearing a T-shirt, like Mr Mullins has done.
All the people who had contact with him would know, just by a quick glance at his T-shirt, that they were dealing with a clever and interesting man.

Princess Bride? I missed that "....classic fairytale, with swordplay, giants, an evil prince, a beautiful princess, and yes, some kissing (as read by a kindly grandfather)".
How "unhip" of me.

This is not a freedom of expression debate or a get hip discussion. It's not a cool top, end of story. It's actually ugly as all hell. The fashion for tops with things written in them is about five years over. Next he'll bust out his FCUK sweater and say it's so old it's ironic. Sounds like a case of dirt time on the plane - it's so exciting as there's so many cool people. How can draw attention to myself and make friends? Dick.