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Why did Dotcom bolt for the panic room, leaving his pregnant wife and kids?

News of he Dotcom's split makes me think back to the day of the raid on the couple' rented mansion, when Kim legged it for the panic room, leaving his pregnant wife and children to face the armed men storming the property (who, of course, turned out to be NZ Police, backed FBI observers).

On the face of things, it was not the most gallant of gestures.

In his authorised biography, The Secret Life of Kim Dotcom, author David Fisher walks us through Mr Dotcom's thinking during the raid:

He [Kim Dotcom] had been drilled over and over by Tempero:* if trouble comes, then seek cover. There is nothing you can do, Tempero told him. Dotcom knows by now it is an attack of some sort and begins to follow the precise plan drilled into him by Tempero.

Forget Mona, Tempero had said. It was his job to protect her. “Go to the safe room and do not come out until I come for you.”

* Chief bodyguard Wayne Tempero, who late departed amid allegations that security staff were paid less than the minimum wage.


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Comments and questions

Yes it was a very gallant move on the part of Kim. With his ego I would have thought most of his thoughts are about his wishes and wants before anyone elses.

Bravely Kim ran away....
Bravely ran away away...
When danger reared it's ugly head,
He bravely turned his tail and fled,
Yes, bravely Kim turned about,
And gallantly he chickened out,
Brave Brave Kim DotCom!

(apologies to Monty Python and the search for the Holy Grail)

Chris, since I am unlikely to be motivated to read the authorised biography, but motivated enough only to comment, I have one burning question?

If Wayne Tempero, chief bodyguard had formulated a panic room strategy of this type, what then happened with the bodyguard(s) declared strategy to protect Mona and the balance of the family?

Although I am neither rich enough or important enough to ever find out the reality, in principle this seems like a sensible protocol for personal protection security staff. It seems to achieve two worthwhile ends, to divide the possible targets and protect each separately - minimise the risk of harm to all of them, and increase the intruder resources required to cause harm to the target persons individually. No real room for bravura displays of heroics if you are focused on risk management and harm minimisation to the key person(s). So ... what happened to the security staff in relation to Mona and the kids ... or to put it another way ... how "authorised" might the biography be?

Agreed. A plan is a plan, and of no value if not followed. Just media doing a beat up.

In fairness we are not all Charles Upham and this deflects attention from the right of NZ citizens and permanent residents to be free from unreasonable search and seizure. If that is not protected whose to stop the Black Ninja types doing the same to you?

Yes, this whole sordid affair is an embarrassment. Regardless of whether you like KDC or not, the over-the-top American attack by our Government using armed Police was appalling.

Stand Back, you cowardly women and children!

So the NZ government illegally spies on him for months (a crime for which the PM has apologised) and then 76 police officers and 2 helicopters raid his house in the middle of the night. All as a result of US pressure to extradite him. He has hired security to protect himself, his wife and his children and they have prepared a 'precise plan' for the event of a break-in...

... and your article is about how 'it was not the most gallant of gestures'.

I get that you don't like Kim Dotcom. But to attack his 'gallantry' over this is frankly a little pathetic.

Kim always wanted to be the Villain; not the hero. How much longer is this sordid saga going to drag on... I say either prosecute him now or drop the charges. Surely their must be some statute of limitations on "copyright infringement".