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Will Seeby Woodhouse be Internet Party leader?


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The Internet Party will announce it's new leader Thursday at 2pm. The leader will also take the number 2 place on the combined Internet-Mana list (meaning they will get into Parliament on Hone Harawira's coat-tails if the party manages around 2.5% of the list vote).

Myself and NBR Political Editor Rob Hosking both thought entrepreneur Seeby Woodhouse might be a candidate.

Seeby spoke at one of the anti spy bill rallies last year, which Dotcom attended, as well as leaders and senior MPs from various parties. He was quite political.

However, last night when I asked the Voyager Internet CEO if he was in the running, he messaged back, "No I’m not - no political aspirations at this time…"

Kim Dotcom himself can't be on the list, since he's not an NZ citizen.

Internet Party CEO Vikram Kumar would be a solid pick. I've previously described him as the meat in the Internet Party policy sandwich. With his background in the State Services Commission and Internet NZ he brings thought and thoroughness that counter-balances Dotcom's clownish, conspiracy-baiting tendencies. And while he's relatively laid back, he's had a lot of media experience, and knows how to get sound byte across.

Derek Handley would be an outside possibility. He's made very pro-Dotcom noises, but is presumably way too busy with his various business projects.

Tuanz CEO Paul Brislen has laughed off the suggestion, and I've haircut booked for Thursday afternoon, so unfortunately I'm not available.

Readers, let us know your picks.

A secret right-wing mole that down the track (on the eve of the election) will utterly undermine and sink ManInternet. Here's hoping.

...does anyone care? No.

It's approx 1.3% for a second MP in the NZ system, 2.5% is about the threshold for a third.

The triumphant return of Gilbert Myles. Or David Benson-Pope.

Ha ha! I loved this article, Chris. Decisive and to the point.

It couldn't really get any more out there: Kim, seeby and hone.

For all of you who voted not once, but twice, for MMP -- the system designed by US academics to screw very ashamed of what you have brought down on this country.
This is yet another travesty.