Tony Marryatt

Investigation launched into Tony Marryatt's actions

Wed 10 Jul 13 5

Christchurch city councillors to appoint independent consultant to investigate Marryatt

Shareholders Association disquiet at Opus agm

Thu 11 Apr 13 1

The Shareholders Association aired its governnance concerns at the meeting.

Delta undermines Dunedin's credit rating

Thu 22 Nov 12 15

An auditor-general's probe into Dunedin subsidiary Delta concerns Standard & Poor's. 

Gerry Brownlee

Brownlee paints upbeat Christchurch picture

Thu 11 Oct 12 3

Earthquake Recovery Minister speaks about growth initiatives at the Canterbury Employers chamber of commerce annual meeting.

Chairwoman Dame Margaret Bazley

Ecan commissioners complain about increased pay reports

Wed 3 Oct 12 3

Not so, say the commissioners – they are not paid a salary. They are paid a daily rate.

Already on record: CERA chief executive Roger Sutton

CERA'S Christchurch brothel demand

Thu 20 Sep 12 19

CERA has told Christchurch City Council it doesn't want them near civic amenities.

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