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Investigation launched into Tony Marryatt's actions

Tony Marryatt

Christchurch city councillors to appoint independent consultant to investigate Marryatt

Shareholders Association disquiet at Opus agm

The Shareholders Association aired its governnance concerns at the meeting.

Delta undermines Dunedin's credit rating

An auditor-general's probe into Dunedin subsidiary Delta concerns Standard & Poor's. 

Brownlee paints upbeat Christchurch picture

Gerry Brownlee

Earthquake Recovery Minister speaks about growth initiatives at the Canterbury Employers chamber of commerce annual meeting.

Ecan commissioners complain about increased pay reports

Chairwoman Dame Margaret Bazley

Not so, say the commissioners – they are not paid a salary. They are paid a daily rate.

CERA'S Christchurch brothel demand

Already on record: CERA chief executive Roger Sutton

CERA has told Christchurch City Council it doesn't want them near civic amenities.