Amy Adams

InternetNZ CEO Jordan Carter

More predictable regulation for NZ's telecom backbone post-2020

Thu 14 Apr

A review of the 15 year-old Telecommunications Act is also likely to see tweaks to the existing regime for mobile telecommunications infrastructure.

Communications Minister Amy Adams

Chorus will be regulated like a utility from 2020

Thu 14 Apr

InternetNZ says electricity companies have had "endless price increases" under the so-called building blocks model. 

Symantec technology strategist Mark Shaw

Government under fire on cyber laws

Wed 13 Apr 2

A world-leading cyber security company calls out the government for having no mandatory data breach laws.

Peter Dunne: swing vote

Adams wants law change for easier UFB apartment installs

Fri 8 Apr 1

Part two of the communications minister's push to clear red tape gets a cagey response from swing vote Peter Dunne.

Ross Patterson

Government-funded fibre broadband - why it makes sense


OPINION: Ross Patterson on NZ fibre roll-out.

Chorus adamant new workers will be locals

Fri 4 Mar

Telco network operator Chorus is confident it will be able to double the number of its ultra-fast broadband (UFB) technicians by the middle of this year without looking overseas.


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