Amy Adams

Communications and Broadcasting Minister Amy Adams

UFB uptake creeps up to 16%

Fri 20 Nov 1

More than 133,000 homes and businesses have now connected to ultra fast broadband.

Chris O'Connell

‘Chorus wants return to stable past,’ broadband commentator says

Fri 6 Nov

"Chorus are stuck trying to recreate a stable, 'steady state' past in a world that is evolving at an accelerating and unpredictable pace" – Chris O'Connell.


Chris O’Connell talks about Chorus performance on NBR Radio and on demand via MyNBR Radio.

Chorus CEO Mark Ratcliffe

Chorus wants detailed re-write of telco law

Wed 4 Nov 6

Chorus backs the government's proposal to install a similar oversight regime used for lines companies.

Labour's ICT spokeswoman Clare Curran

Curran’s account finds more favour than Adam’s

Wed 28 Oct

Labour's ICT spokeswoman scores with RBI call.


PLUS special feature audio: Clare Curran paints picture of chaos, delays and inter-agency infighting; consumer advocate Chris O'Connell sees degree of potential for Crown Fibre Holdings takeover.

Communications Minister Amy Adams

Crown Fibre's mandate will extend to rural broadband, mobile black spots

Thu 22 Oct

Five years into the deployment of UFB, the programme is 9% ahead of target with about 44% of Kiwis.

Amy Adams

Ratepayer money in the frame: Curran lands jab over new broadband funding

Tue 13 Oct

Labour MP focuses on ratepayer contributions.


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