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Anita Killeen

Judge Jock: No-Go For Lawyers, Secret Life Of Judge Do-Si-Do, SFO Forger's Kremlin Komeback

Anita Killeen judge complaint decision

Anita Killeen

Law Society investigates email forger Killeen

Anita Killeen

COMMENTARY: Judge's censorship goes too far

Anita Killeen discharged without conviction, offending blamed on meds

Anita Killeen: forged email from her boss at SFO, sent it to NBR

The ex-SFO chief prosecutor pleaded guilty to two charges of forging an email to NBR to smear her former boss Adam Feeley.

Queen gives forgery-accused ex-SFO lawyer Killeen a medal

Former Serious Fraud Office chief prosecutor Anita Killeen – accused of an alleged email smear against her former boss – has received a Queen's diamond jubilee SPCA volunteer medal.