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Annah Stretton

ASK ME ANYTHING: Annah Stretton

Tue 3 Mar 15 43

The fashion designer and retailer answers reader questions on everything from manufacturing in China to barriers (or not) for female entrepreneurs to zero-hour contracts.

Kevin Kenrick


Wed 25 Feb 15 42

The TVNZ boss on verything from from the Sky land deal to adding on-demand content to Freeview to Paul Henry's new multi-platform breakfast show on rival TV3.

Paula Browning

ASK ME ANYTHING: Paula Browning

Mon 23 Feb 15 33

The WeCreate boss and Copyright Licensing NZ CEO fields reader questions on everything from music piracy law to the TPP and Fifty Shades of Grey.

Rod Snodgrass fields reader questions

ASK ME ANYTHING: Rod Snodgrass

Tue 17 Feb 15 44

The Spark Ventures CEO, man in charge of the second phase of Spark's restructure fields reader questions.

Peter Cullinane

ASK ME ANYTHING: Lewis Road Creamery co-founder Peter Cullinane

Wed 4 Feb 15 44

The ad man turned milk man (and Sky City, APN and STW director) answers readers' questions.

Mega CEO Graham Gaylard

ASK ME ANYTHING: Mega CEO Graham Gaylard

Mon 2 Feb 15 50

The Mega boss weighs in on everything from wrangling Kim Dotcom to that tricky backdoor listing on the NZX.


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