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Dotcom 'thumped' in appeal court, told (again) to disclose assets

Kim Dotcom

“In the absence of any undertaking from Mr Dotcom, there is no assurance that he will not take steps to dissipate or remove his assets prior to the hearing,” the judgment says

GUEST OPINION: Port deal shows benefits of mixed-ownership assets

Mike Stanton

SFO investigates Ross Asset Management

As the office confirms its investigation an investor's daughter says she was one of the last people to speak to David Ross.

POLL: NBR readers' verdict on govt's MightyRiver bonus share plan

John Key

Prime Minister John Key recently announced NZ investors' loyalty would be rewarded with bonus shares.

Iwi eye 20% share in power company float

PM says Genesis, Mighty River Power first off the block.

Hendo’s receivers tear their hair out