Patrick McVeigh: We need to focus on ‘advanced industries’ or industries that invest heavily in R&D

Tech hubs need a lot of work

Wed 29 Jul 1

ATEED's Patrick McVeigh says technology offers opportunities for all of NZ and has the ability to transform and disrupt both traditional sectors.


Patrick McVeigh talks about Auckland becoming a tech hub on NBR Radio and on demand on MyNBR Radio.

Deputy mayor Penny Hulse

Screen precinct rates above housing for Hobsonville Point

Fri 10 Jul 1

ATEED now has until October 31 to complete the procurement process for the film studio campus and will report in November.

A sign in the controlled Auckland area (TVNZ)

Fruit fly in Pasifika fest's ointment

Thu 26 Feb

Risk posed by horticultural insect pest forces fest with anticipated 80,000 attendees to move to Manukau.

A sign in the controlled Auckland area (TVNZ)

Fruit fly body-count hits five as Pasifika Festival's future pondered

Tue 24 Feb

World’s largest celebration of Pacific Island culture may have to move due to incursion of unwanted Aussie import.

Vaughn Davis

The Moxie Sessions: Girls can do anything – so how come they’re not?


Back in the 1980s, when I was first a university student, then an airforce pilot, it felt as though things were looking up for women in New Zealand.


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