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Brendan Horan

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Brendan Horan (TV3)

Brendan Horan gets a new seat

New independent MP Brendan Horan

This time he is an independent MP and has moved seats in the House.

Who gets Horan's NZ First job

If beleaguered MP Brendan Horan resigns then Auckland's Helen Mulford, No 9 on the party list, is next in line. Who is she?

Peters powerless to jettison Horan from parliament: academic

Winston Peters, right, and Brendan Horan (Photo: TV3 News)

The law protects Brendan Horan's right to stay in parliament, Massey University's Richard Shaw says. | NZ First board in Horan crisis talks. | UPDATED: PM says it highlights public frustration with MMP.

MP on a hiding to nothing – Peters will prevail

NZ First leader Winston Peters

NZ First's executive still has a role to play in Brendan Horan's future, his lawyer says.

Horan refuses to quit parliament

Brendan Horan has been called on to resign (Photo: TV3 News)

Winston Peters loses confidence in new MP and expels him from NZ First – but Horan is refusing to resign from the House.