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Brendan Horan

Why the PM 'parked' RMA reform

Prime Minister John Key

Peters' racehorse — Horan makes his decision on whether to push for an inquiry

Brendan Horan (TVNZ)

SUBSCRIBER-ONLY POLL RESULT: Should Brendan Horan press ahead with a parliamentary complaint about Peters' failure to declare his interest in a racehorse syndicate?

Brendan Horan

Will Brendan drop the hammer?

Brendan Horan (TV3)

Brendan Horan can ressurect his political career by pushing ahead with a complaint over Winston Peters failure to declare his interest in Bellazeel. What could be stopping him:

Horan weighs options over horse affair as Peters turns lawyers on RNZ

CAN HE BE A CONTENDER? Horan earlier this week, waiting on stairs at Parliament ahead of his moment in Question Time (@katiebradford)

SUBSCRIBER-ONLY POLL RESULT: Which MP is most likely to be joining Kim Dotcom's party?

Brendan Horan (TV3)