bryce edwards

NZ POLITICS DAILY: The housing problem hits rock bottom

Fri 20 May 2

Housing affordability continues to dominate NZ politics, and finally the focus is on those worst hit by the crisis.

Hilary Barry

Why we care about resignations at a TV company

Fri 6 May 5

The travails of celebrity newsreaders and corporate CEOs don’t normally occupy a central role in politics.

Hillary Clinton (TVNZ)

NZ POLITICS DAILY: The Search for NZ’s Sanders and Clinton

Thu 28 Apr 4

What New Zealand pundits have to say about the battle between Clinton and Sanders, and the parallels here.

The real one

NZ POLITICS DAILY: The search for New Zealand's Trump

Mon 25 Apr 1

Is Winston Peters NZ’s Donald Trump?


NZ POLITICS DAILY: Advice for the Labour Party

Wed 20 Apr 1

Labour is suffering in the polls. So what advice should they follow in order to turn things around? 

Prime Minister John Key (Photo: Rob Hosking)

NZ POLITICS DAILY: Fights over tax and transparency

Fri 15 Apr 1

Political fights over tax are quickly changing the New Zealand political landscape for 2016. But it’s not yet clear which political parties will benefit from the issue.


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