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Mike Hosking and Toni Street

Political roundup: Is the media biased?

Mon 24 Aug 1

Hating Mike Hosking became even more popular last week.

Prime Minister John Key (Rob Hosking)

Political roundup: The Business elite view of politics

Mon 17 Aug 4

So what’s on the mind of the capitalists?

Rachel Smalley

Political roundup: White men in charge of the message?

Tue 11 Aug 6

Rachel Smalley’s criticism of “white men” dominating the New Zealand media has raised a lot of important questions about power, politics and the media.

Murray McCully (TV3)

Political roundup: Guilty or not? The Saudi sheep scandal

Fri 7 Aug

The scandal over the Government’s Saudi sheep deal has been going on for months now, and with the release of hundreds of pages of documents this week we may finally have enough evidence to reach some sort of verdict.

Winston Peters

Political roundup: NZ First’s big decisions

Tue 4 Aug

Leadership succession continues to be a major issue for New Zealand First. But other divisive issues also dominated the party’s annual conference at the weekend. 

Graeme Hart: Top Kiwi in NBR Rich List

NZ POLITICS DAILY: Celebrating or condemning the “selfish” super rich?

Fri 31 Jul 3

Bryce Edwards on the NBR Rich List 2015.


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