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Hillary Clinton (TVNZ)

NZ POLITICS DAILY: The Search for NZ’s Sanders and Clinton

Thu 28 Apr 4

What New Zealand pundits have to say about the battle between Clinton and Sanders, and the parallels here.

The real one

NZ POLITICS DAILY: The search for New Zealand's Trump

Mon 25 Apr 1

Is Winston Peters NZ’s Donald Trump?


NZ POLITICS DAILY: Advice for the Labour Party

Wed 20 Apr 1

Labour is suffering in the polls. So what advice should they follow in order to turn things around? 

Prime Minister John Key (Photo: Rob Hosking)

NZ POLITICS DAILY: Fights over tax and transparency

Fri 15 Apr 1

Political fights over tax are quickly changing the New Zealand political landscape for 2016. But it’s not yet clear which political parties will benefit from the issue.

Prime Minister John Key (Photo: Rob Hosking)

NZ POLITICS DAILY: The War on wealth

Thu 14 Apr 2

The explosive revelations of the Panama paper leaks are resonating strongly around the world, largely because in a post-global financial crisis, ordinary people are angry at the rich elite. This is now playing out in New Zealand politics in a way that makes John Key and National vulnerable.

Helen Clark

NZ POLITICS DAILY: Helen Clark’s path to the top of the world

Mon 11 Apr 7

Ex-Labour Prime Minister Helen Clark confirmed last week that she will stand for the position of United Nations Secretary General.


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