bryce edwards

Labour party MP

Labour ‘needs to be focused on economic, not social, issues’ – Edwards

Fri 8 Jul 1

Political scientist says local party’s malaise is part of a global phenomenon. With special feature audio.

Prime Minister John Key

NZ POLITICS DAILY: Increasing the refugee quota to 60,000

Thu 16 Jun 8

Is New Zealand willing to save more lives in the global refugee crisis? Yes, but not very many more.

Gerry Brownlee

NZ POLITICS DAILY: Where to go to war next?

Mon 13 Jun 5

Seemingly out of the blue, the Government has come up with a proposal for a colossal $20 billion dollars of new expenditure on the military over the next 15 years.

Andrew Little

NZ POLITICS DAILY: The illusory Labour-Green alliance

Fri 3 Jun 3

A deceptive MoU.

NZ POLITICS DAILY: The housing problem hits rock bottom

Fri 20 May 2

Housing affordability continues to dominate NZ politics, and finally the focus is on those worst hit by the crisis.

Hilary Barry

Why we care about resignations at a TV company

Fri 6 May 5

The travails of celebrity newsreaders and corporate CEOs don’t normally occupy a central role in politics.


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