X3: The driving experience is more impressive than ever

Stylish high-tech BMW X3 comes with concierge

Sat 25 Oct 14

Here’s a problem I’m having more and more these days: am I evaluating a car or the high technology and connectivity that comes with it?

Donal Curtin

Book extract: The Piketty Phenomenon, New Zealand Perspectives: Why the fuss?

Sat 25 Oct 14 1

The debate over inequality has been ovedone, writes Donal Curtin.

Xero a dilemma for growth investors

Sat 25 Oct 14

Shoeshine on Xero.

TAKE YOUR PICK: Four Nelson agriculture and viticulture businesses go on the market for sale

Buyers have ‘pick of the bunch’ of Nelson farms

Fri 24 Oct 14 1

Combined, the quartet of primary production ventures has an asking price of almost $32 million.

Wings claim lands bill

Fri 24 Oct 14


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