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Science and Innovation Minister Steven Joyce

R&D grants stop companies gaming system to get tax credits, Joyce says

Wed 29 Jun 9

Budget estimates show the government expects to spend $141.2 million on Callaghan's growth grants in the year ending June 30.

HOT POTATO: Steve Keung says different government agencies weren’t talking to each other about issues for Maori families and Whanau Tahi Navigator helps tie them together

Maori tech firm targets Native Americans

Fri 24 Jun

A cloud-based platform that enables minority communities, primarily Maori, to set and manage their health and social goals is making inroads into the United States.

Callaghan Innovation CEO Mary Quin

Low uptake for Callaghan grants by Maori businesses

Mon 23 May 4

Callaghan Innovation is hoping to see a pickup in the next 12 months.

Precision Seafood Harvesting's win is celebrated with a haka

Revolutionary PGP fish harvesting technology wins new category in Hi-Tech Awards

Fri 20 May

The six-year PGP partnership launched in 2012.

Who are the companies getting boosts from Callaghan?

Fri 6 May

Earlier this month, Callaghan Innovation announced 11 relatively unknown and new technology start-ups would receive $450,000 each in repayable loans.

Callaghan Innovation CEO Mary Quin

Taxpayer funds F&P Appliance's R&D push to tune of $15m+

Wed 6 Apr 3

The good news: The Chinese-owned F&P Appliances has hired more than it's fired during its NZ refocus on R&D. The bad news: you're picking up the tab. With special feature audio.


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