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Chris Cairns

Port of Tauranga spends $34m on log marshalling business

Mark Cairns

The deal will take effect from February next year and immediately add to the port's earnings.

FRIDAY ARCHIVING: Brief Case: Cairns not out but game continues

Libel tourism: Did Chris Cairns choose the best place to sue?

What the Cairns verdict teaches us about the special place of social media

Chris Cairns

PLUS: Two interesting aspects to the case beyond the Twitter hoopla - "robust observations" on witness credibility, and vindication vs financial compensation.

RAW DATA: Justice David Bean's full judgment in Cairns v Modi

Cairns may see nothing of £90,000 libel win

Cairns during his final IPL season in 2008. His career was "turned to dust"

The former Indian cricket boss who made the match-fixing claim is also told to pay £400,000 - but has already taken steps to avoid the tab.