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Christchurch quakes

ERIC CRAMPTON: Oh Christchurch

April 2013: The downtown demolition job remains unfinished.

It didn't have to be like this. The things that went wrong, and the things we still don't know:

Chch Mayor unveils 'kinetic installation'

Parker with artist Jason Ware

Some intellectual sustenance - or is that comic relief? - for the citizens of the quake-it city.

MSD, Microsoft bankroll quake-hit non-profits | A walk through the bombsite CBD (PHOTOS)

Advocates of open source software immediately suspicious. UPDATED: CBD photos

Post-earthquake, Christchurch landowners run roughshod over by the Crown

Ben Kepes

GUEST COMMENT: The co-owner of a demolished building says the Crown is offering him less than the market value of hs land.

Christchurch from above: the rebuild (PHOTO ESSAY)

A new series of aerial photos shows the extent of Christchurch's CBD cleanout since the quakes.

Should scientists be criminally liable for poor quake communication?

Peter Griffin: danger NZ scientists water-down comments, hedge bets

GUEST COMMENT: The convictions of the Italian scientists for manslaughter has more relevance to NZ than you might think.