David Ross

David Ross

Ross Asset Management investor McIntosh allowed to appeal to Supreme Court

Thu 26 May 2

Today, the Supreme Court gave Mr McIntosh leave to appeal that ruling.

Court report: an $80m Supreme Court bid

Thu 21 Apr

Hamish McNicol talks about just how much is at stake in the Ross Asset Management claw back test case. With special feature audio.

Supreme Court sought for Ross clawback's $80m question

Wed 20 Apr 7

Last month, the Court of Appeal dismissed appeals by both Hamish McIntosh and PwC.

David Ross

Ross claw back appeals dismissed, pool shrinks

Wed 16 Mar

Today’s decision shrinks the total value of possible claims from about $80 million to $32.9 million.

Financial regulation: Gardening without weeds

Fri 5 Feb

If your job is to prevent weeds, an effective strategy is to cover your garden in asphalt.

David Ross

Nearly $80 million at stake in Ross clawback claims

Thu 4 Feb

The full financial impact of the three clawback 'test cases' has previously been unclear.


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