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Earl Gray

Denim Wars: All for 63 pairs?

Earl Gray

Sharing trade secrets in the US just got riskier

Resale of digital music may infringe copyright

Earl Gray

GUEST COMMENT: For anyone planning to resell their downloaded digital music, the Capitol Records LLCv ReDigi Inc decision in the US may leave a ringing in your ears.

Copyright users given more of a fair deal

Earl Gray

COMMENT: Two recent Canadian Supreme Court decisions support a broader interpretation of the "fair dealing" defence to copyright infringement.

Don't rule out paying for Ka Mate haka – IP lawyer

The All Blacks perform the Ka Mate haka

Ground-breaking prosecution in fake jeans case

TRUE RELIGION: US-made jean brand identified counterfeits as a problem last year

“It’s a very important prosecution for brand owners, not just in the fashion industry but elsewhere" – lawyer.