EQC engineer Graeme Robinson (TV3)

Ipenz months away from assessing remedies over engineer complaints

Thu 13 Nov 14

Ipenz is months away from finalising its report into complaints against engineer Graeme Robinson.

CTV designer suspended, fined

Fri 7 Nov 14

IPENZ acts against CTV building designer, levies $10k penalty.

Insurance premiums hit Wellington owners

Thu 6 Nov 14 1

Insurance premiums for commercial property in Wellington CBD have more than doubled since 2010.

(Photo Credit: Chris Hutching)

CTV designer fails to show at IPENZ

Tue 15 Jul 14

An IPENZ disciplinary panel is considering action against David Harding

70 Gloucester St

Amherst opens new building on anniversary of last big shake

Fri 13 Jun 14

Amherst Properties has opened a new building in central Christchurch

Alan Reay (TV3)

Alan Reay strikes back at Ipenz

Tue 20 May 14

Alan Reay says his resignation had nothing to do with Ipenz quitting its probe into the collapsed CTV building


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