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economic development

Wellington drops controversial plus symbol from logo, adds $15k to costs

The new logo

Election 2014: Winston Peters makes play for Maori vote - and tilts toward National

Winston Peters (TV3)

Auckland council pitches more work, sidesteps ad panel

Jason Hill

Tauranga's legacy – shiny new infrastructure and big debt

They've built motorways and upgraded pipes, but is Tauranga City Council's huge investment paying off? Other than retirees, are people coming?

Tauranga's pitch to lure business – report in NBR Print

The Port of Tauranga

As Auckland debates solutions to its housing and transport woes, NBR discovers Tauranga is enticing more big-city businesses.

The man driving Labour's economic policy

David Clark

A proud Dunedin-ite who was born and schooled in Auckland, David Clark enters the political fast lane.