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Sir Geoffrey Palmer

Editor’s Insight: Written constitution – back door to a republic?

Fri 12 Aug 13

Former prime minister Sir Geoffrey Palmer has revived the debate over a written constitution and it could mean dumping the Queen as head of state. With special feature audio.

DB Breweries chief executive Andy Routley

Editor’s Insight: How social media is transforming the hospitality industry

Wed 10 Aug

Bars and restaurants are changing to satisfy new dining and drinking habits. With special feature audio.

Irish Ambassador Noel White

Editor’s Insight: Why the Irish see no point in Brexit

Tue 21 Jun 2

The UK's biggest trading partner is sticking with the European Union. With special feature audio.

Institute for Economics and Peace founder Steve Killilea

Editor’s Insight: Why the world needs more beauty queens

Fri 10 Jun 1

The world has become less peaceful in the past year. With special feature audio.

Australia Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull

Editor’s Insight: Labor swing will tighten Turnbull noose

Wed 8 Jun

A seat-by-seat analysis by Citi shows Labor will return to power with a swing of 3.4%. With special feature audio.

Heather Wilcock as Eva Perón in Evita (supplied)

Editor’s Insight: Eva-nomics – Crying for Argentina

Tue 31 May

The musical about Eva Perón evokes political and economic parallels with today. With special feature audio.


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