Editor's Insight

Former US Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke

Editor’s Insight: The good oil on energy’s future direction

Thu 14 Apr

Low prices have proved a double-edged sword for producers and users. With special feature audio.

James Rickards

Editor’s Insight: Why money is still only as good as gold

Wed 13 Apr 3

The indestructible metal plays a key role in world's money system. With special feature audio.

Helen Clark (TV3)

Editor’s Insight: Helen Clark to confirm bid for top UN job

Tue 5 Apr 4

After weeks of holding off, the former prime minister will run for UN secretary-general. With special feature audio.

Justin Trudeau

Editor’s Insight: Keeping an eye on Canada – Trudeau government’s first budget

Wed 30 Mar

After a decade of fiscal conservatism, big spending government is back. With special feature audio.

Barack Obama

Editor’s Insight: Latin American failures burnish Obama’s legacy

Tue 29 Mar

Visits to Cuba and Argentina demonstrate a new diplomatic style. With special feature audio.

Wang Jianlin

Editor’s Insight: Chinese takeover spree tops $US100 billion this year

Thu 17 Mar 1

Merger and acquisitions activity already exceeds the total for all of 2015. With special audio feature.


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